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The Horrible History of The Tower of London

The story of Little Ease begins with a prison break from the Tower of London. In 1534, a man and woman hurried past a row of cottages on the outer grounds of the Tower.

This is a great place to visit. Very historic. It is also close to London Bridge. London itself is a great place to visit.

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ISIS Is Destroying History!

Among the many reasons to dislike a terror group like ISIS is a new reason. Destroyer of history! Now ISIS has target other religious groups before to make a point but at the end of the day when you destroy a 1,200 year old structure, especially in the Middle East it’s a piece of history.  Normally, I would say let the two sides work it out because we do not need another war, but in this situation it is not like it is a boarder war or land dispute.  In this situation since Christianity does not have an organized leadership outside of the Pope and Catholoics, it would be hard to protect such a place without intervention from a country with a standing army.    It is like ISIS vs the rest of the Christian world.  Now I am not religious in any way but it I am a supporter of protecting history and artifacts.  The way that ISIS is fighting are like a bunch of looters.  

There was a book called “Guns, Germs and Steel” by Jares Diamond.  In the book he claims that most wars are caused by religion but fought by governments.  As much as I want to disagree about religion being intertwined with government, he is right.  This is more of a modern problem than it was a few generations ago. ISIS has turned this into a “war about our freedoms” to being a “war on religion that us different than theirs”.