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Beaver Creek, Colorado Day 6

This morning we went to the Betty Ford Alpine Garden. It helps promote alpine conservation. The park it self is very large. They have a park area for kids, an out door theatre, tennis courts and a creek. Of course our daughter wanted to go in the creek and play but we didn’t bring any extra clothes or anything to dry our feet.

We were at the gardens for almost two hours. We decided to get some lunch. The gardens themselves were in Vail where we had been shopping just a couple days earlier. So we decided to go back in to vail and grab some lunch. We decided to eat at Garfunkel’s. Apparently it’s quite the place. Lots of celebrity photos with autographs with personalized messages for the restaurant.

We walked around and looked at a few shops, but many of them were ones we had back in Beaver Creek. After some lunch we went back to the resort and went swimming.

For dinner we made dinner in our condo. We just made pizza with bread we had and pasta sauce, sausage, beef and mushrooms. There were really good. We ate them to fast to take any pictures.

Beaver Creek, Colorado Day 4

Today we went to Vail, Colorado. Vail was only a fifteen minute drive from the condo and Beaver Creek. For the most part we just shopped. It seems like many of the shops at Beaver Creek were also at Vail. The only difference was the stores were just bigger at Vail. The shopping area at Vail was large. Very much like an outdoor mall. But, again in each section many of the same shops. A few of the same restaurants, but also a few that were different.

For lunch we ate at a place called Alpenrose. It’s a German/Austrian place. My wife loves German food so when we find a new German place we give it a try. We all really enjoyed it. The web site doesn’t show the lunch menu.

After lunch we went back to the condo and went swimming. Surprise surprise!

Since today was my moms birthday we let her pick what we had for dinner. We had Mexican food at Coyote Cafe. It was really good.

Beaver Creek, Colorado Day 3

So today we decided to go to the top of Beaver Creek mountain. We took the chair lifts up the mountain in the morning. It was a little stressful for my wife, as she does not like heights.

The ride was very nice and my wife actually enjoyed the ride. It was smooth and fast. They had a number of hiking/biking trails up at the top of the mountain. We did not take our bikes. Many of the trails were a mile and a half or longer. We opted to only walk a little bit of a trail. We were all still adjusting to the altitude. They also had a kids play area/park. Yes! A park! On a mountain! In nature! All together we walked maybe a mile on the trail. But it was a nice view to see the mountains and the town below.

For lunch we are at the Spruce Saddle Lodge. Which was on top of the mountain next to the lifts. They have a number of other restaurants on that property but they were closed for the off season in August. They have a description of the restaurants that are there but no actual web links. Beaver Creek Mountain Restaurants.

After lunch, we went back down the mountain and went back to the condo. Our daughter loves swimming, so we went swimming afterwords for a about an hour.

For dinner we ate the The Dusty Boot Saloon. It was really good. They had a variety of food to choose from. And it was right outside the condo so we didn’t have to walk far.