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New York Could Become First State To Be Completely Done With Private Prisons

New York State has been leading the way in flexing its muscles with respect to the private prison industry. Let’s take a look at what these three policies in concert mean, and what may come next as Bill S5433 goes to the Assembly and ultimately the Governor for approval as soon as this week.
— Read on www.forbes.com/sites/morgansimon/2019/06/18/new-york-to-become-first-state-to-be-completely-done-with-private-prisons/

Living & Coping With Shift Work Disorder | National Sleep Foundation

Shift work disorder can affect your health, as well as your performance and safety on the job.
— Read on www.sleepfoundation.org/shift-work-disorder/what-shift-work-disorder/living-coping-shift-work-disorder

Former felons being pushed out of the workforce is hurting our economy

Nearly half of all children have a parent with a criminal record, and US is losing $87 billion a year in GDP by not employing them.
— Read on www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/policing/2018/11/23/former-felons-being-pushed-out-workforce-hurting-our-economy/2016435002/

Homicides in America’s 50 biggest cities fell in 2017; Baltimore tallies worst rate

The collective homicide toll for\u00a0America’s 50 biggest cities dipped slightly in 2017, a USA TODAY analysis of crime data found.
— Read on www.usatoday.com/story/news/2018/02/19/homicides-toll-big-u-s-cities-2017/302763002/

Florida school shooting survivor David Hogg: ‘We’re children’

David Hogg is 17 and a survivor of one of the deadliest mass shootings in United States history — and he’s letting lawmakers know he wants action.
— Read on www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/02/15/were-children-you-guys-adults-shooting-survivor-17-calls-out-lawmakers/341002002/

It’s sad that a teenager has to be a voice of reason and tell positions to work together. Politicians need to work together in the best interest of the people and not the lobby’s! I am in favor of voting career politicians and putting term limits in place at every level of government.

Florida school shooting: Australia hasn’t had a mass shooting since 1996

Its prime minister worried Australia \
— Read on www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/02/15/australia-hasnt-had-fatal-mass-shooting-since-1996-heres-what-did/340345002/