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Nicodemus: A Kansas Town That Made Black History Copes With 2020

Homecoming, a celebration that has drawn descendants of the town’s post-Civil War founders for generations, moves online due to coronavirus.
— Read on www.wsj.com/articles/nicodemus-a-kansas-town-that-made-black-history-copes-with-2020-11595928600

The Awesome Hike In Kansas That Will Take You Straight To An Abandoned Castle

This tiny abandoned castle in the middle of Kansas prairie has historic value, even without any famous residents. Let’s take a hike, shall we?
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Gas Station Bandits Strike Eskridge – Flint Hills Special

Greg Hoots

The year was 1931.  The Great Depression had changed the face of America.  Hardworking folks who had never experienced unemployment, hunger, homelessness, and the inability to feed their families were now facing those grim realities. While some people sought public assistance to survive, others turned to a life of crime for the…

Read on flinthillsspecial.com/2019/12/06/gas-station-bandits-strike-eskridge/

St. Louis, MO Day 5

Today, we went to the St. Louis Zoo. It was a big zoo. Unfortunately, many of the animals were at the vet barn. Ok, not every animal but enough we got through the zoo faster. Since it is October, they were celebrating Octoberfest! They had a number of beer trailers throughout the park. All different brands but more just Missouri brands or others that were popular. Budweiser, Sam Adams and Blue moon to name a few. I wish the KC zoo did more stuff like that. They had a very good kids play area and playgrounds. Ether way, we all had fun. It’s worth visiting. It is an all day thing.

For dinner we just stayed in and ordered pizza. We wanted to try something we didn’t have back home like Pizza Hut, Papa Johns or dominos pizza. We wanted local. So, we had Imo’s pizza. It was very good. I would eat there again.

St. Louis, Missouri Day 4

Today we decided to go a place called Grants Farm. It’s a fun place. The Busch family owns the farm. This also where they do some of not all the breading for the Budweiser Clydesdales.

You take a tram ride through the beginning and it’s a number of acres with animals free to roam. No real rhyme or reason. Just animals free to roam. It’s sort of like a zoo but no quite. Lots of animals, more just farm animals. Many of them you can pet. They had a eating area that sold German style bratwurst. They also gave two free samples of beer. And not just a 2-4 ounce sample. It was a full glass.

For dinner we went back to the Broadway Oyster Bar. Food was even better. We got the fried Oysters and the shrimp as appetizers and then had entrees. Food was worth checking out. They have live music there sometimes.

At the bar/restaurant had a musician named Jackson Stokes. He was a good musician and really nice. Jackson has an album on ITunes.

St. Louis, Missouri Day 3

Today we went to The National Transportation Museum. Much of the museum was all old trains and cars. I am not a car guy necessarily, but their car selection was not big. But to be fair they operate on donations and volunteer help. So there is only so much they can do but…. it was nice to see some of the cars in person. Many of them were early 20th century cars/trucks. You could tour many of the train cars and take a trolly ride. They also a discover center for kids. This area was like day care but our daughter had fun. That’s all that mattered.

For lunch we went to Red Robin. It’s a good burger chain. I would recommend it if you have one in your city or visiting a city with one. But some people prefer more local places that aren’t chains.

After lunch we went to the St. Louis Arch. If you do not like tight spaces or heights this is not the place for you. My wife and mother in law stayed at the bottom as neither of them cared for heights. My daughter had a good time. The heights did not seem to bother her but the waiting did.

For dinner we ate at the The Shaved Duck. The food was ok. It was also a small venue. Maybe my expectations were too high being from Kansas City. They had live music which was nice.