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Workplace Violance

The recent shooting in Virginia with the young news anchor and the producer/camera man was very sad.  (Viewer descretion advised) YouTube.  It seems the shooter was a descruntel employee of sorts.  From the news station (98.1 Kansas City) stated he had moved from at least 15 different stations in a matter of a few years.  The victims were from the recent station he had been terminated from after the producer/camera man had filed a complaint about the shooter to HR. 

As this is being written further evidence is being released as to what caused him to do this Hyannis act of violence. Good Morning America covered that story and received a call from the gun man.  The Charleston shooting seemed to be A trigger.  There could be underlining issues that had been building over time. 

 The question is what were the underlying issues? How did he get the gun? Legally? Illiegellay? How can people be kept from buying guns if they do not have any signs of previous violence or mental illness?