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Palin Is at It Again

Sarah Palin is at it again blaming everyone else for her families problems.  Her son was recently arrested for domestic abuse.  Palin blamed President Obama for him suffering from PTSD from his service to the country.  Now, it has been a few years since this whole war thing started but as I recall it was her cronie republican friends who started the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

Palin thinks that veterans are not respected any more.  Veterans are still respected in this country. Veterans get the VA hospital, GI Bill and all sorts of treatment for PTSD, pensions. If they were not respected they would not get better assistance programs than the average person. The modern military is still voluntary in the United States which means people still have the choice to serve. Many people choose not to for various reasons fear of death during combat, not their chosen career path, wanting to make a difference at home instead of over seas, not willing to suffer from PTSD; whatever the reason may be Palins son still made the choice to serve knowing the possible outcome. And for his sacrifice to his country we thank him for his service but at no point was he forced by President Obama to serve.


New Historian: PTSD Found In Ancient Warriors

History Chick in AZ

This is not too surprising. As Adam Steedman Thake admits: “The human mind is, and has always been, a fragile thing which can be damaged during periods of intense combat.” But it is still interesting.

PTSD Found In Ancient Warriors.


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