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Pomoeii vs Herculinium my rant on historical exclusion

I am watching a show on the History Channel noticed something strange. On the History Channel, Pompeii gets a majority of the attention instead of Herculinium. Just seemed weird that the History Channel would continually exclude information.

To me Herculinium is just as interesting as Pompeii. Both are worth the visit. Pompeii is probably bigger and more scenic since it is a little farther out depending where you are coming from. Pompeii probably does have more of the city excavated but it’s probably just personal preference. While Herculinium was more in the middle of an urban area. Pompeii did have garden areas than Herculinium did but most people are there for the history. I for one would love to see more information on the History Channel about things like Herculinium that is not just popular history.

Pompeii Under Siege

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Almost two thousand years ago Pompeii, a bustling port of 20,000, fell silent to the power of Mount Vesuvius. Having been badly damaged in an earthquake 17 years prior, 30 feet of hot volcanic ash would silence the then unfortunate souls of Pompeii once and for all.

Today 2.5 million visitors rain down on Pompeii annually. As two of the curious onlookers at the grim scene we really can not point fingers at the potential extinction of the site from foot traffic and nature’s elements.

We felt as though a million or so tourists showed up the same day as we to the historic site. Under the blazing sun and dripping humidity we dodged swarms of tour groups. If you thought cycling in Rome might be dangerous try getting in the path of a tour guide herding his potential tip paying guests in ancient Pompeii.

Map 2 (Pompei)

1.Rome 2.Pompeii 3.Positano 4.Cortona 5.Montepulciano 6.Bagno Vignoni 7.San Casciano 8.Sorano  9.Orvieto 10.Camogli 11.Nice

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Pompeii Part 9





Pompeii Part 8





Pompeii Part 7





There were many mosaics that still looked amazing. Some had cracks in them but you could not tell it had been buried for centuries.

Pompeii Part 6





Many of the gardens in Pompeii were small but very nice even though the plants weren’t original to the city it made for a peaceful site among all the chaos.