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St. Louis, MO Day 5

Today, we went to the St. Louis Zoo. It was a big zoo. Unfortunately, many of the animals were at the vet barn. Ok, not every animal but enough we got through the zoo faster. Since it is October, they were celebrating Octoberfest! They had a number of beer trailers throughout the park. All different brands but more just Missouri brands or others that were popular. Budweiser, Sam Adams and Blue moon to name a few. I wish the KC zoo did more stuff like that. They had a very good kids play area and playgrounds. Ether way, we all had fun. It’s worth visiting. It is an all day thing.

For dinner we just stayed in and ordered pizza. We wanted to try something we didn’t have back home like Pizza Hut, Papa Johns or dominos pizza. We wanted local. So, we had Imo’s pizza. It was very good. I would eat there again.

11 Underrated Places In Kansas You Can’t Miss

For those Kansans looking for more to do every day, check out these underrated places to revisit next time you have time to spare.
— Read on www.onlyinyourstate.com/kansas/ks-underrated-places/

Restaurants in Council Grove, KS

Only In Your State published an article about the restaurants. Council Grove is a small town but lots of character. It is your typical middle America small town. Walking/hiking trails with waterfalls. It is also a very historic town with ties to bleeding Kansas and the American civil war.

Dover, Ks

Only in Your State wrote an article about a small restaurant in Dover, Ks. Dover is a small community. No stop lights, no fast food or gas stations.  But worth the stop if you are in the neighborhood. Sommerset Cafe is worth checking out.