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Pomoeii vs Herculinium my rant on historical exclusion

I am watching a show on the History Channel noticed something strange. On the History Channel, Pompeii gets a majority of the attention instead of Herculinium. Just seemed weird that the History Channel would continually exclude information.

To me Herculinium is just as interesting as Pompeii. Both are worth the visit. Pompeii is probably bigger and more scenic since it is a little farther out depending where you are coming from. Pompeii probably does have more of the city excavated but it’s probably just personal preference. While Herculinium was more in the middle of an urban area. Pompeii did have garden areas than Herculinium did but most people are there for the history. I for one would love to see more information on the History Channel about things like Herculinium that is not just popular history.