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Nicaragua Throw Back part 2

Laguna de Apoyo or crater lake. There is not much nearby the lake.  There is a small entrance that has a bathroom for changing and I think you can buy some basic chips and sodas there.  While we were there they were in the process of building small cabins to rent.  They were no where near being completed any time soon.  I am sure at this point they are probably completed. At least I would think so it has been about three years since we were there. 

Masaya Volcano. The walk up the side. You can see the brown volcanic deposits left by the lava.

The next few pictures are on the top.  Our guide said this is what they think Mars will look like on the surface.  It has lots of methane and other gases.  We were only allowed to stay up there for maybe 5-10 minutes before we might be affected by the gasses.

The trail up the side.

Up the trail.

The next two photos are in the parking lot. They have the wall there so people do not fall in.  You are able to lean over and see lava at certain times.