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Hannibal, Mo day 2

Today we went to the Mark Twain childhood home and museum. (https://www.marktwainmuseum.org). It was a really good museum. Lots of different buildings to explore. It took us the better part of half the day. But we stopped to get some lunch. But our daughter decided she needed a two hour nap as well. So, we picked up at the museum after taking lunch home and a nap.

For lunch we stopped at the Java Jive Coffee Shop for lunch. (https://www.javajive.coffee). I had a sandwich, which was very good. Worth a visit. They have a big space so if you want coffee and to hang out and talk they have couches and games to play. They do have a bakery.

After we finished the museum, we went and got some chocolate at the chocolate factory. We needed a little snack break.

After words we went over to the Mark Twain Brewery. (http://www.marktwainbrewery.com). We sat on the roof patio and split a pretzel and cheese. I tried a beer flyt and my wife had wine.

After the brewery we went to the Cave Hollow West Winery. (http://cavehollow.westwinery.com). It was in the Mark Twain Cave Complex. The building was nice. Staff was very friendly. Wine was just so/so. The wine prices were a little expensive.

We went to Gabriella’s for dinner. It was a highly recommended Mexican restaurant. Over all it was good. They don’t have a website that I could find but you may be able to view a menu if you google it.