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The mystery of the Roman ‘gate to hell’ – CNN

2,000 years ago, animals dropped dead at a temple in the ancient city of Hierapolis. Scientists have discovered the reason why.
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Pomoeii vs Herculinium my rant on historical exclusion

I am watching a show on the History Channel noticed something strange. On the History Channel, Pompeii gets a majority of the attention instead of Herculinium. Just seemed weird that the History Channel would continually exclude information.

To me Herculinium is just as interesting as Pompeii. Both are worth the visit. Pompeii is probably bigger and more scenic since it is a little farther out depending where you are coming from. Pompeii probably does have more of the city excavated but it’s probably just personal preference. While Herculinium was more in the middle of an urban area. Pompeii did have garden areas than Herculinium did but most people are there for the history. I for one would love to see more information on the History Channel about things like Herculinium that is not just popular history.

The Grand Roman Forum


IMG_20141126_0007_2 - Kopi

Personally I find the Roman Forum to be one of the most splendid attractions in Rome. Despite the deterioration, there is still a lot of well-preserved ruins left to give you an impression of what have been once upon a time. And when you find yourself standing on

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When in Rome…


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Rome is a place that I still just cannot decide on.

I spent a week in Rome in January of this year and for 4 of those days, I loved the city, but for the other 3 days, my memories are not quite so fond.

My first impressions of Rome were that it was dirtier than Florence, more touristy, rougher around the edges. I wandered around on my first day, and after I stumbled across the Colosseum (http://archeoroma.beniculturali.it/), I remember being disappointed. I had devoured books about the Colosseum and ancient civilisations as a child, and it just wasn’t the same as I had imagined. I didn’t even end up going in on that first day, I was in such a foul mood that I walked away and continued to explore with no real goal in mind.

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

After not too long, I stumbled across an old little chapel with beautiful…

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My Required Roman Eats: 00100, Kabir Fast Food Indian, Ali Baba Kebab

Ruins + Relics

Despite it’s mythic food reputation, eating in Rome isn’t always puppies and roses and delicious meals all the time. And sometimes you want something other than cacio e pepe (as delicious as it is!) for the 10,000th time. So, here are three places to eat in Rome that are all fast, (relatively) cheap, and not-really traditional Italian that I MUST eat at when I am in the city: 00100 (now known as Trapizzino), Kabir Fast Food, and Ali Baba Kebab.


My dear companion and I have been going to 00100 for their trapizzini for years. For a while a few years ago he lived across the piazza from 00100 and honest to god there were days when he went there more than once. They’ve changed a lot since then–including price increases, expanding to a second location in Ponte Milvio, renovating their original Testaccio location, getting rid of their pizza options (RIP Greenwich)…

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Great Roman Lunch or Greatest Roman Lunch?: Enoteca Provincia Romana

Ruins + Relics

the chef recommends ALL DELICIOUS

Of course the very, very first place I wanted to go to in Rome was my favorite spot for lunch: Enoteca Provincia Romana. I don’t know how this place isn’t swarmed all the time. It’s right, right, right behind the Column of Trajan, you get an amazing view of Trajan’s forum and the Vittoriano if you’re by the windows, all the food is sensational and regional– from Lazio and primarily from the Castelli Romani and it is delicious. These photos aren’t actually from this particular visit (and they were actually taken by my sister), but of all the restaurants in the city, I think this is the one I’ve been to the most. And it’s the first place I want to take newcomers. So good.

fava and guanciale pasta take the photo quick because I’m eating it ALL

For real, it's just to the left of this photo. Astonishingly I never took one of the actual front For real, it’s just to the left of this photo. Astonishingly I never…

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