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Beaver Creek Colorado Day 1 and Day 2

So. My wife and I decided to take a family trip with parents for the first time since we got engaged about nine years ago. That’s not factoring on going to their house for a week over the Fourth of July. My parents rented a condo at St. James Place. Which is a resort at Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Day 1

We were going to drive the whole way there since it was going to be hassle to try and fly. But we split it up over two days. We drove from Kansas City, KS to Topeka to pick up my parents. From there we drove from their house to Goodland, KS. Driving through the entire state of Kansas just reminded me of how decollate Kansas really is. After you pass through Wichita, KS it’s a no mans land. A huge segment of I70 highway after Wichita can be dangerous with high winds and if there is a bad snow storm. Not so place you want to travel in the winter if you can help it. No matter how big and heavy your vehicle is or how good of a driver you think you are. Just a fair warning!

We figured Goodland, KS was a good place to stop because it was a little over half way and we had our two year old daughter. This was our first major road trip with her, other than driving four hours to Branson, Mo. So driving for maybe four and half hours a day for two days was going to be interesting. But she did really well. And she got to stay in a real hotel for the first time. Of course the last thirty miles we were in a heavy down pour with hail. So we checked in and unloaded the truck. Our daughter has not seen any other kind of phone other than cell phones in this modern age. So when she saw the traditional hotel land line she thought it was a toy and Keon calling the front desk and her grand parents across the hall. Of course she wanted to jump on the beds. Because well because she could.

We decided to hit up the local Chinese place since our daughter can be picky but loves Chinese food. The place was called China Garden. It was good for a small town. Worth a stop of your in that area. They don’t have a web site that I could find but are on Facebook.

Day 2

We got up early so we could eat breakfast at the hotel. The food was actually really good. Waffles, cereal, hot cinnamon rolls and eggs. We loaded up on food and the truck. So our second day of driving was off. We stopped in Vail, Colorado to go to Walmart and pick up a few groceries. Yes! Walmart! Yes! In Vail! Vail was only maybe ten to fifteen minutes from Beaver Creek and our last stop for supplies that wouldn’t be up charged for it being. Vail!

Playing with the bear statue. One of many times she would want to touch it. Every time she walked by she had to touch.

They had a number of outdoor couches and chairs around fire pits stationed around the ice skating ring.

Another bear statue that she liked to touch. This bear she liked to tickle his tummy. Probably because she liked her tickle me Elmo.

We quasi crashed a wedding. We had to walk through the reception to get back to our condo. We stuck out like a sour thumb. All the men at the wedding had matching suits on.

The whole resort was kind of a Bavarian style look and feel. I have never been to Germany but that’s kind of what I can compare it too based on the pictures I have seen. All the resorts line then outside and merge together and all the restaurants and shops like the inside. Once you park you walk the entire thing. Many of the shops and restaurants are high end. We walked around and stretched our legs after all the driving. It was a little sketchy trying to park my truck in the garage because they probably didn’t plan on people driving such a big vehicle but we made it.

For dinner we ate at Vail/Beaver Creek Chop House. The food was really good. Pricy but worth it. My mom and I actually split a salad, steak and lobster tail. Worth the visit. And we had a great view of the mountain from our outside table.