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The Most Haunted Place in Each of the 50 States

Just like ever state has a story, the most haunted places in America are truly different. Check out each state’s most haunted places.
— Read on www.placesyoullsee.com/the-most-haunted-place-in-each-of-the-50-states/

Haunted Kansas: The twisted underground tunnels running beneath Leavenworth

A 200-year-old system of tunnels exists beneath the sidewalks of Leavenworth, home to part of the Underground Railroad and allegedly hosting paranormal activity.
— Read on www.kansan.com/content/tncms/live/

10 Horrifying Stories From The Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Louisville, KY, is home to the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, which many people believe is one of the most haunted place on earth. While the building is n…
— Read on m.ranker.com/list/scary-stories-from-waverly-hills-sanatorium/anna-lindwasser

Sunflower State Tours | Tri-County Cemetery Tour

What place are people dying to get into? What place holds the most secrets that only the living can tell? Cemeteries are one of the most fascinating places to visit. The stories that they hold number in the millions.

*Trip price includes lunch.*

This tour will b on Saturday, June 23. We will pickup at 10:00 am at Wyldwood Cellars Winery Outlet at 22936 Grapevine Road outside of Paxico, off of Exit #333 on Interstate 70. We will return you to your cars at the winery at 2:30 pm.

On this tour, you will visit 4 cemeteries in 3 counties. These will include Maple Hill, Uniontown, Louis Vieux, and Cholera cemeteries. Depending on the time, there might be holders of the stories telling us the lives of the ones no longer above ground.

We will stop for lunch at Fulmer’s Kansas Premium Meats and Eatery in Belvue, KS.

— Read on www.sunflowerstatetours.org/product-page/tri-county-cemetery-tour

Scary Photos

The Richest published a short article with photos of ghosts. Some of them are creepy. Whether you believe in ghosts or not they will make you think.

Paranormal Web Site

Pararatinal.com this is a good little web site for everything paranormal. It gives a basic description of a number of paranormal accounts. The website has a number of tabs for different topics.  This is nice if you have a wide interest in the paranormal but do not want to go to umpteen different websites to read articles, view pictures or see videos.  

This is also a good place for fans of the radio show Coast to Coast AM. Ofcourse each persons interest in Coast to Coast depends on the topic of the nigh.