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The Most Haunted Place in Each of the 50 States

Just like ever state has a story, the most haunted places in America are truly different. Check out each state’s most haunted places.
— Read on www.placesyoullsee.com/the-most-haunted-place-in-each-of-the-50-states/

Ghost Hunting Apps

YouTube has a post that discusses different apps that can be used on iPhones/androids to hunt ghosts.  Something worth looking into if you are in a budget.  For me it’s hard to trust a phone app for these things sixpence that is not its primary/secondary function. I used the radar one or a variation but it always just picked up people in the room so it is hard to trust it.

Paranormal Activity Lab at a University?!

For paranormal enthusiasts and ghost hunters alike the field may be gaining some legit amici in the academia community! The new lab is going to be at University of Virgina. This is probably just a simple step forward but who knows what else could come of it if everything goes well.  Maybe, n the near future people can take paranormal classes at their local university or even major in some aspect of the field whatever it may be.