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Storms, BBQ and Fireworks

Lake Wabunsee is always a fun place to go for the Fourth of July. Unfortunately, this year, it was cloudy and rainy. For the most part, we never got more than a mist. But it was overcast the entire day. Even when it is raining or over cast it is nice to go to the lake and relax.


Until. The sun started to show. 


When I got up in the 4th the fog has rolled in. But it started leaving about an hour and half later. It did not need there. The weather was hot and muggy the rest of the day. Which, was fine, it was better than rain. 

The forecast was saying that the rain would move in around 4pm. Now hopefully the rain will come early and leave before people arrive or not show at all. Luckily, it did not rain at all.

I got up at 7:00 a.m. and made smoked pulled pork.  Put in three bonless pork butts for 10 hours at 225 degrees. My wife and I enjected it the night before with Grandma Hoerners Mayan Citrus Chipolte Sauce then put mustard, dry rub and brown sugar. 

After a few hours in the smoker.

The end result. It turns out really good. But who doesn’t like having BBQ of some sort on the 4th of July.  Granite we still had leftovers because people did not show but more to take home.

As the day went on the clouds and rain came back. Luckily we were able to shoot some of our fire works off. The city of Eskridge usually shoots fireworks off at the damn on the 4th but they decided to do it on the 3rd since it was a Sunday. That’s where the problems began. The clouds had moved back in. There was little wind and the smoke from everyone’s fireworks. So when the fire department shot the fireworks off you couldn’t see them past 20 feet in the air.  So no one was able to see them and all that money and fireworks were wasted. Now, we assumed they had no way of knowing people couldn’t see them and would not be able to stop them. So everyone went back to shooting their own fireworks. 


Sunset boat ride with the wife.

From the back deck at my parents house.

A Dogs Vacation at Lake Wabunsee

Keeping an eye out for other boats and jet skis at Lake Wabunsee.

A little tired from the swimming.

Smelling for fish.

Trying to stay awake. Again!


A storm trying to move in.

Just hanging around

In Pursuit of Kansas Whitetails

Movement caught my eye a hundred yards to the North as a feeding deer materialized through the tree limbs and brush. The buck raised his head and my heart skipped a beat. It was the big nine. I slowly reached for my bow as the big buck continued to feed,


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Roadside Attractions in Kansas

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Lake Wabunsee before the storm

Lake Wabunsee is just outside Eskridge, Ks.  Eskridge is located in Alma County, Kansas.