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Family Secret That no one Knew.

I had this family mystery that no one else had the answer to. We had the articles from local news papers but did not have the final verdict due to the court house burning down and having to relocate the trial. From what my family knew many of the articles were lost in the fire. Trying to locate any of the articles were difficult because it was not a national headline case. But I managed to catch a break by seeing a clip of his name and conviction but I could not view that file without paying xyz. I did more research and now that I knew the exact day and the location it was easier to locate records. Fortunately the newspaper had been digitized so I could read the article and save it for future reference.

The Article text:
Edward Burgraff, convicted In this county in 1912 of killing Garnet Moore, is under arrest at Fort Logan, Colo., in the charge of being a slacker. Burggraf registered at Broken Bow, Neb., but he is charged with trying to evade conscription. He was ordered to be turned over to the draft board as a deserter. Edward Burggraf was 23 years old when he was tried and convicted In this county for the killing of Garnet Moore. He was given a paroled sentence to the reformatory but failed to make good. The young man made his escape from the county Jail but was later captured and served his term In the reformatory. His parents live near Shelby.