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Early Election Results

Politico posted early election results broken down by state. It may not 100% up to date at any given time but at least it will provide a almost a play by play.

Presidential Election

Every presidential election as far back as I can remember there are debates about the issues. About what each candidate stands for. Sometimes the voters do not know who they will vote for. Some people miss the debates. Either way, trying to make sense of who stands for what or who promises what can make a persons had spin trying to keep all the information straight.


I did not make the websites so I can not vouch for the accuracy of them but imagine they are pretty accurate.  Hopefully these links will help clear up any questions about the candidates. 

For the Democratic Nominee. Hillary Clinton

The Republican Nominee. Donald Trump

The Independent Nominee. Gary Johnson

At the end of the day. People will have their own views on who should be president. Each candidate has their pros/cons.  I would like to see our system have a stronger third party system so we can have a true democracy. 

It is nice to see a non career politician make a run for the presidency even though he (Trump) is untested and is a wild card in terms of what he might actually do during his possible term as president. There is something to be said for someone like Hilary with her multiple positions in politics, even a stint as First Lady. Hilary is a little more battle tested when it comes to politics than her rival.  Gary Johnson has not gotten as much publicity, or at least in Kansas, than the other two candidates. Part of the problem is the country has not had strong support for any third party that has run for office. Some third parties take a number of seats in local elections, senate or the house but not enough for a strong running for the White House.  Hopefully, at some point, there will be a strong enough candidate to garner enough attention to surpass the republicans or democrats.

With the state of the economy many people are tired of career politicians, but are we ready for wild card? Maybe or maybe not. Maybe what we need is a politician with experience that is universally liked but not a dynasty or a career politicians. All I can say is vote wisely. Do not just vote to get a party out of power, look past the party. What will each person bring to the White House and how his/her policies affect me in 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years or even 25.


Palin endourcement! Good or Bad for Trump?!

Normally, I try to avoid policical commentary especially during presidential campaigns but I could not resist on this topic. Sarah Palin has recently endorsed Donald Trump. Which, if I was Trump might worry me since she seems to be the but of a lot of jokes.  Palin seems to come with a lot of amo for comedians and various press.  Could Sarah Palins Vice President run be an issue for up coming election if she becomes more active in this election.  I think Sarah Palins daughter, Bristol could bring him down as well for the off the wall comments as well.  Especially, if she is a hypocrite and speaking out against abstinence but not practicing it.  Bristol seems to be a wild child and could be a hindrance on Trump as well or even her mothers less than credible creditionals. 


Republicans and the non politicians 

Recently former President Bill Clinton was on The Late Show with Steven Colbert. President Clinton had a theory about why Donald Trump has been so popular in the polls. Or at least for the time being.  Clip

I think the former President has a point about being a master brander.  Trump is good about saying what the people want to hear or what he thinks they want to hear.  Which is good/bad for the people.  He may very well be good at president. It is tough to say. He does not have a track record to base his politics on. Which, I think is working to his advantage. 

I think the other perk of having somebody like Trump and I will even go as far to mention Sanders is that they are both not career politicians.  In a way it is refreshing to see someone that does not spend their whole life/career in politics.  Granite they both have some catching up to do but that can be done.  It seems that Trump/Sanders are doing well is because they seem to be tired of the same old thing and same old people in office.

The only thing that may derail their campaign is a unplanned answered on issues or not sticking with a previous stance.