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Beaver Creek, Colorado Day 7

This was our last day at Beaver Creek, Colorado. We kind of hung out and shopped down in the village in the morning. Looked in a lot of the same shops but didn’t buy anything.

They had adventure activities for kids and adults. Mostly like a trampoline, mini golf and panning for gems. There was a family with younger daughters that did it too. But they wakes away after awhile and left a lot of stones and sharks teeth in their pan. who would leave a shark teeth behind?! We helped our selves to what they left behind. We let our daughter pan for stones since she was to little for the trampoline and mini golf. She was nervous at first but she enjoyed it.

Every day we walked huh this pizza place called Blue Moose Pizza. It was closed most of the time we were there because of renovations. There was a lot of stuff they didn’t have since they were still in the process of opening. The pizza was really good. Worth the visit.

Of course we had to go play in the creek after lunch.

We decided to go back to the condo and relax after the creek. My wife was going to take a nap and parents were in their room relaxing. My wife only got sleep for maybe twenty minutes. So we decided to go down into the village and get cookies at 3:00. They bake fresh cookies every afternoon and serve them at 3:00.

Cookies with Benjamin Franklin

Picking Abraham Lincolns nose. Because why not?

For dinner we went back to the restaurant Hooked. It is a sea food place. Surprisingly it wasn’t as good this time. The food was over cooked. Even the rice balls! Who would have thought?! I had the Wago steak and it was charred on the outside and medium on the inside. For a $40 steak I expected better. It had a drizzle sauce that was really good.

Our daughter was extremely tired because she just stays so active on vacations and doesn’t sleep as much. She did not want to sit still and fall asleep like she did last time we were there. So my dad and I took turns walking outside with her. It wouldn’t have been so bad if there wasn’t a live band playing twenty yards from the front door of the restaurant. So we took turns sitting and watching the band.

Beaver Creek, Colorado Day 6

This morning we went to the Betty Ford Alpine Garden. It helps promote alpine conservation. The park it self is very large. They have a park area for kids, an out door theatre, tennis courts and a creek. Of course our daughter wanted to go in the creek and play but we didn’t bring any extra clothes or anything to dry our feet.

We were at the gardens for almost two hours. We decided to get some lunch. The gardens themselves were in Vail where we had been shopping just a couple days earlier. So we decided to go back in to vail and grab some lunch. We decided to eat at Garfunkel’s. Apparently it’s quite the place. Lots of celebrity photos with autographs with personalized messages for the restaurant.

We walked around and looked at a few shops, but many of them were ones we had back in Beaver Creek. After some lunch we went back to the resort and went swimming.

For dinner we made dinner in our condo. We just made pizza with bread we had and pasta sauce, sausage, beef and mushrooms. There were really good. We ate them to fast to take any pictures.

Beaver Creek, Colorado Day 5

This morning my dad and I went fly fishing. I figured it’s a very Colorado thing to do other than skiing or hunting. Since we weren’t there to ski or hunt…… We had our fishing license but we were doing catch and release. The company we used was Gore Creek Fly Fisherman. We were able to rent all the equipment we needed for just the half day trip.

When we went to go park the car there was a dog walking in the middle of the street. So we made a leash out of straps and walked him to a safe area.

The first spot we were at was a short walk from where we parked the guides car. The water was pretty cold and the rocks made it slippery. We did ok at the first spot. I maybe caught one fish and my dad has gotten a number of bites but they kept running off with the fly.

We hiked at least a mile up stream to change our luck. I managed to catch three more fish. My dad still had the same problem. Over all we fished for about four hours. For us it was just nice to do something outdoors and do something relaxing.

After we got back to condo we meet up with my mom and my wife and daughter. They had went swimming while the men were out catching dinner. Sort of! Catch and release of course! So since we wanted to stick with the seafood theme we went and had lunch at a place called Hooked. Our daughter has been exhausted and feel asleep during lunch. She has been sleeping well at night but she hasn’t been wanting a nap unless she crashes in her own so we just let her sleep when ever she crashes.

Since the girls all went swimming in the morning we decided to just hang out in the village. So of course our daughter loves to go over and touch the bronze statues and high five them that always adds time to every where we go. Today she brought her tickle me Elmo.

So Elmo had to join in the fun as well. At this point we had thought about doing a series on the adventures of a tickle me Elmo. But another day. When we got to the creek there was an activity camp at the creek that Beaver Creek operates so kids can be entertained while parents ski or what not.

Of course we had to play in the fountain on the way back to the condo. By the time we were done she was soaking wet. We were surprised she decided to go in because the water was really cold and the rocks well didn’t feel so good on our feet or at least mine.

My wife and I decided to have a date night tonight since we don’t get them very often and since grandma and grandpa were there to watch her. We went to the Italian place. Toscanini. Which doing this worked really well because we didn’t have to drive anywhere and we could both have a few drinks. While we were eating we saw my parents on the far side of the ice scaring ring with our daughter just watching people ice skate. They went and had gelato. We were going to order dessert but nothing jumped out at us so we ordered after dinner drinks. So after that we walked down to The Dusty Boot Saloon for dessert. We were both for sure under the influence but it was fun. When we got back our daughter had been bathed and in her pajamas.

Beaver Creek, Colorado Day 4

Today we went to Vail, Colorado. Vail was only a fifteen minute drive from the condo and Beaver Creek. For the most part we just shopped. It seems like many of the shops at Beaver Creek were also at Vail. The only difference was the stores were just bigger at Vail. The shopping area at Vail was large. Very much like an outdoor mall. But, again in each section many of the same shops. A few of the same restaurants, but also a few that were different.

For lunch we ate at a place called Alpenrose. It’s a German/Austrian place. My wife loves German food so when we find a new German place we give it a try. We all really enjoyed it. The web site doesn’t show the lunch menu.

After lunch we went back to the condo and went swimming. Surprise surprise!

Since today was my moms birthday we let her pick what we had for dinner. We had Mexican food at Coyote Cafe. It was really good.

Beaver Creek, Colorado Day 3

So today we decided to go to the top of Beaver Creek mountain. We took the chair lifts up the mountain in the morning. It was a little stressful for my wife, as she does not like heights.

The ride was very nice and my wife actually enjoyed the ride. It was smooth and fast. They had a number of hiking/biking trails up at the top of the mountain. We did not take our bikes. Many of the trails were a mile and a half or longer. We opted to only walk a little bit of a trail. We were all still adjusting to the altitude. They also had a kids play area/park. Yes! A park! On a mountain! In nature! All together we walked maybe a mile on the trail. But it was a nice view to see the mountains and the town below.

For lunch we are at the Spruce Saddle Lodge. Which was on top of the mountain next to the lifts. They have a number of other restaurants on that property but they were closed for the off season in August. They have a description of the restaurants that are there but no actual web links. Beaver Creek Mountain Restaurants.

After lunch, we went back down the mountain and went back to the condo. Our daughter loves swimming, so we went swimming afterwords for a about an hour.

For dinner we ate the The Dusty Boot Saloon. It was really good. They had a variety of food to choose from. And it was right outside the condo so we didn’t have to walk far.

Beaver Creek Colorado Day 1 and Day 2

So. My wife and I decided to take a family trip with parents for the first time since we got engaged about nine years ago. That’s not factoring on going to their house for a week over the Fourth of July. My parents rented a condo at St. James Place. Which is a resort at Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Day 1

We were going to drive the whole way there since it was going to be hassle to try and fly. But we split it up over two days. We drove from Kansas City, KS to Topeka to pick up my parents. From there we drove from their house to Goodland, KS. Driving through the entire state of Kansas just reminded me of how decollate Kansas really is. After you pass through Wichita, KS it’s a no mans land. A huge segment of I70 highway after Wichita can be dangerous with high winds and if there is a bad snow storm. Not so place you want to travel in the winter if you can help it. No matter how big and heavy your vehicle is or how good of a driver you think you are. Just a fair warning!

We figured Goodland, KS was a good place to stop because it was a little over half way and we had our two year old daughter. This was our first major road trip with her, other than driving four hours to Branson, Mo. So driving for maybe four and half hours a day for two days was going to be interesting. But she did really well. And she got to stay in a real hotel for the first time. Of course the last thirty miles we were in a heavy down pour with hail. So we checked in and unloaded the truck. Our daughter has not seen any other kind of phone other than cell phones in this modern age. So when she saw the traditional hotel land line she thought it was a toy and Keon calling the front desk and her grand parents across the hall. Of course she wanted to jump on the beds. Because well because she could.

We decided to hit up the local Chinese place since our daughter can be picky but loves Chinese food. The place was called China Garden. It was good for a small town. Worth a stop of your in that area. They don’t have a web site that I could find but are on Facebook.

Day 2

We got up early so we could eat breakfast at the hotel. The food was actually really good. Waffles, cereal, hot cinnamon rolls and eggs. We loaded up on food and the truck. So our second day of driving was off. We stopped in Vail, Colorado to go to Walmart and pick up a few groceries. Yes! Walmart! Yes! In Vail! Vail was only maybe ten to fifteen minutes from Beaver Creek and our last stop for supplies that wouldn’t be up charged for it being. Vail!

Playing with the bear statue. One of many times she would want to touch it. Every time she walked by she had to touch.

They had a number of outdoor couches and chairs around fire pits stationed around the ice skating ring.

Another bear statue that she liked to touch. This bear she liked to tickle his tummy. Probably because she liked her tickle me Elmo.

We quasi crashed a wedding. We had to walk through the reception to get back to our condo. We stuck out like a sour thumb. All the men at the wedding had matching suits on.

The whole resort was kind of a Bavarian style look and feel. I have never been to Germany but that’s kind of what I can compare it too based on the pictures I have seen. All the resorts line then outside and merge together and all the restaurants and shops like the inside. Once you park you walk the entire thing. Many of the shops and restaurants are high end. We walked around and stretched our legs after all the driving. It was a little sketchy trying to park my truck in the garage because they probably didn’t plan on people driving such a big vehicle but we made it.

For dinner we ate at Vail/Beaver Creek Chop House. The food was really good. Pricy but worth it. My mom and I actually split a salad, steak and lobster tail. Worth the visit. And we had a great view of the mountain from our outside table.