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Hannibal, Mo Day 3

This morning we went to the Mark Twain Cave. (http://www.marktwaincave.com). My wife and I enjoy going on Cave tours. This was a fun Cave. Not for someone that is not good with tight spaces. Lots of good stories about Mark Twain and the books he wrote and the characters that went into the caves inspired by this one. They have another Cave on the property that was not discovered until 1929. That Cave was also featured on the discovery channel. We did not do that tour due to needing a flashlight for that tour so flashlights and toddlers could be a handful.

For Lunch we went to FatBacks BBQ in Quincy, Illinois. (https://www.fatbacksbbq.com). We decided to go to Quincy because there was not a lot left for us to do in Hannibal so we thought we would explore elsewhere. We picked bbq well because why not. It was really good. Service was lacking. People were being skipped when the food was being brought out. Other than that it was good. It was a small restaurant, it would be easy to drive by if you weren’t looking or GPSing it. I had the brisket it was really good. The baked beans were really good.

After lunch we went to a place called Going Bonkers. (https://www.goingbonkers.com/bonkers_il/pricing). It’s like a watered down Dave and Busters. It’s great for little kids that need to blow off some energy. Our 22 month old daughter loved it! She like the climbing and the slides. And! It was very cheap…… if you only wanted to do the ropes course. I think we paid $5 for our daughter and I! And it’s good cardio for the adults.

For dinner we went to a restaurant called Fiddlesticks. (https://www.fiddlestiksrestaurant.com). This place was hoping! The food was good. Highly recommended. They have a little bit of everything.

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Traveling by Train For Long Periods

MSN posted an article entitled 12 Things You Should Know Before Traveling Across the Country on Amtrak by Macy Williams.  The article was a slide show of little little tips about traveling on trains, especially for long stints at a time or overnights. Like the article points out the difference between the sleeper cars.  I have not had the opportunity to stay in one as of yet, but hopefully soon.  I have always heard good things about the food on trains but have not really tried it other than the M&Ms I bout that one time but I would hardly count that as train food.  When my wife and I traveled to Chicago, we saw numerous people bringing their own meals onto the the train in big greasy bags.  Which, of you have lived or stays in Kansas City long enough to have a meal that usually means one thing! BBQ! The article did say that you could bring alcohol on the train, but you could only drink it in your sleeping quarters. If that’s the case come prepared. When we traveled they did serve alcohol on the train at the snack bar but it was mostly beer and basic wine.  If those do not appeal to you, plan ahead! I did bring my own bottle of scotch the train ride home but I wanted to save it for a better occasion. 

Traveling by trains something people should experience at least once in their life if they have the chance.  Sometimes it can be cheaper to travel by train than fly or drive.  Just depends on where you go and lots of factors.  It is a great way to see the scenery.  Of course it depends on what part of the country you are in or going through. The Midwest is a fun ride and I can imagine the southwest and northwest would be scenic as well. There are areas that offer short train rides for a few hours of you do not want to travel far.  Many of them are dinner events or an afternoon ride and can be fun as well.