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Decline In Hunters Threatens How U.S. Pays For Conservation : NPR

The steady drop is expected to accelerate in coming years, threatening the much-lauded model through which the U.S. has paid for conservation.
— Read on www.npr.org/2018/03/20/593001800/decline-in-hunters-threatens-how-u-s-pays-for-conservation

Branson Trip With Baby Day 1

So this is our first trip with our newborn daughter 4.75 months old. We were hoping for the best, but planning for the worst. Normally our daughter (Lily) is kind of inconsistent about liking her car seat. We were expecting her to sleep for a little while and wake up and want to be feed. Nope. She slept the 3 hours and 15 minutes to Springfield, Missouri. We stopped to have lunch before we went to Amigos Mexican Restaurant. It was very good and it was just down the street from Bass Pro.

This Bass Pro has an outdoor world which consists of aquariums, turtles and ducks. Recently, after several years of work opened a huge aquarium. We were going to go through the new aquarium but according to the cashier it would take about 2.5 hours to go through. We didn’t want to take chance and go through and have to feed our daughter because we are bottle feeding so we opted to go through next year.

After our few hour driving break at Bass Pro, we moved along to Branson, Mo to our hotel which was maybe another 30-45 minute drive. We checked into the Tree House Condo. We had a one room one bathroom with a kitchen. Just the right size for two adults and a toddler.

For dinner, we went to Altenhoff Inn. It’s a little German/pizza place just outside Silver Dollar City.

My wife and daughter reading the menu.

Branson, Mo Day 4, 2017

After finishing with Silver Dollar City we went shopping again at the Tanger Outlet to redeem some coupons we had received from our shopping a few days earlier. After round 2 of shopping, we went to Top of the Rock. Top of the rock is a golf course owned by Bass Pro. Johnny Morris, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson and Arnold Palmer had a hand designing the golf course. This course is part of the PGA tour. And also boasts a wind cellar and multiple restsuruaunts. 

You are able to drive a golf cart on a 2.5 mile ride where you can see trees, waterfalls and a cave.  Fun time for family’s. There is a natural history museum that houses dinasour bones and Native American artifacts from the Ozarks. So it’s all local history. They also have a civil war section. It is one of the three biggest Native American collections in the world. 

You get to drive on the bridge with the cart and see the waterfall.

Inside the cave. The even have a small bar inside the cafe. The menu is limited to a handfull of items but still worth the money on a hot day. Inside the cafe it’s wet and cold. A good drive for a hot day.

My wife who was also my driver for the cave tour.

They had a small metal bridge you could walk on and reach out and put your hands in the water fall.

Pictures inside the main entrance of the golf course at Top of the Rock. The first picture is of the wine bar.

The mammoth found in the Ozarks. This is the beginning of the 

The sink whole. Use to be a cave until it collapsed.

Top of the rock was doing some renivations while we were there. A lot of it was cosmetic. They were getting ready for a tournament in a couple weeks. The area by the sink while no one seemed to know what they were building but I am sure it will be nice.

Las Vegas 

My wife and I took a trip to Las Vegas in 2011.  These are some random photos from that trip. We stayed at the Silverton Hotel which is just off the Vegas strip. They offered a shuttle to the stip and would drop us off at Ceasers Palace.  They had a shuttle arrive every hour until 10pm.  It’s is cheaper than parking your car on the strip. Our hotel had a bass pro attached to it. It was not very busy since it was not on the strip which was nice.  We went to Vegas on the way home from the Grand Canyon. It was just a short few hour drive.    

My wife posing with a giraffe.

The Balazzio


I always wanted a water fall in my house. This may be as close as I get.
The Luxor hotel.

My wife in Egypt. Kind of. We did not walk like an Egyptian while we were there. Sadly, they did not have the right music on for it.


The old strip. They were doing a 9/11 tribute and a Beatles tribute.


The pirate show. Not as kid friendly as I remembered it. They have really good and big margaritas.  It took my wife and I about 30 minutes to finish I shared margaritas. 


 Bellagio Hotel


While we hit almost every hotel while we were there I just took pictures of stuff we liked.