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Millennials are much poorer than their parents – CBS News

Forget the “avocado toast” stereotype — young adults spend their money no differently than past generations did
— Read on www.cbsnews.com/news/millennials-are-much-poorer-than-their-parents-data-show/

Rebuttal In Defense of Generation Y

This video clip is a rebuttal to all the negative stereo types of Gen Y.  It makes a number of valid points. Mostly the video goes into how much of what Gen Y is going through is not necessarily their fault like the state of the economy, the wars, housing market, etc….  But we or they or however you classify yourself still get a bad rap.  Granite yes they get trophies for participating in a sport even for losing. But who is to blame for making Gen Y the way they are? Certainly not them! They did not ask for much of it. Some of their eligid attitude could simply a by product of how they were raised. Bad parenting?Take a look and decide for yourself. Rebuttal Video

Generation What?


This article is a good compare and contrast in the baby boomers and Generation Y.  Seems like every generation has different values when it comes to the work place.