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Scientists discover DNA proving original Native Americans were White | protothemanews.com

Scientists discover DNA proving original Native Americans were White | protothemanews.com
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Kansas Teacher Inspiring Kids to Study History

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This 90-Year-Old Lady Seduced and Killed Nazis as a Teenager – VICE

Freddie Oversteegen was 14 years old, when a gentleman visited her family home in the Netherlands to ask her mother if she would allow her daughters to join the resistance.
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Kim Jong Un agrees to denuclearization of Korean Peninsula

North and South Korea, which technically remain in a state of war, heralded the declaration as part of “a new era of peace” after a historic summit.
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Opinion | The Historians Versus the Genealogists – The New York Times

The first look at the past and say, “This matters.” The second say, “This matters to me.” We need both perspectives.
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Did Hitler Really Die in Berlin in 1945

Officially, Adolf Hitler killed himself at the end of WWII in a bunker in Berlin. However, that has not stopped conspiracy theorists from hypothesizing that Hitler survived in 1945 and that he and Eva Braun went to Argentina and were protected by the government there. An official FBI memo, dated September 21, 1945,
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