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Union Station Mummies of the World Exhibit 

Photo Taken from Union Station Website. Union Station Press Room

Union Station in Kansas City has a new exhibit called Mummies of the World. It is very well done. Most of the mummies are from Peru, Egypt and European Bogs. They did have a small section at the end where researchers in Maryland experimented on a cadaver to recreat the process to try and figure out the exact method.  They had the actual body that was still mummified and the tools they used.  They even had shrunken heads. Which was really cool to see! Except for maybe the victims of head shrinking.  

They had a number of computer stations that helps explain the science of how they were researching the mummies. Excluding the DNA extraction, CT scanning and other methods used to studying them.  Which is really cool. In many cases they could tell you how old they were and what may have caused their death. Most of the mummies were children or in late 30’s or early 40’s. Compared to modern times where people are living to their 60’s, 70’s and into their 100’s it is amazing how young and small people were back then. 

Unfortunately, we could not take pictures in the exhibit. Worth the visit. You can even catch the train from Amtrack and leave and never have to go outside.

20 Things You Didn’t Know about Hadrians Wall

War History Online wrote an article about Hadrians Wall. Hadrians Wall divides a section in the United Kingdom seperating the Roman Empire from the “barbarians”.  Take a read! Not one of the usual topics in your work history class.


Fossilera Provided the graphic for this post.

Roman Coins Found

CNN posted an article about R,an Coins being found.

Is Christianity on the Decline?!

Recently in the news there have been news casts about the Vatican encouraging an open door policy at its churches for the LGBT community.  Much of it has to do with the changing times and that other churches have started doing this in other denominations.  It is great that they starting to be inclusionary, but it seems a little late after many religious groups are demonizing gay marriage.

It seems like, the Vatican especially, has made many changes about what it beliefs such as aliens, birth control, abortion and gay rights.  The Vatican should not be a political party.  If there was any one true religion, there would be a constant set of beliefs according to that denominations gospel based on religious texts. Thus, avoiding any wiggle room for interpretation of the texts. They should not have to change their views on issues just to get people to sit in the pews and donate to the church.

Yes, there are many soup kitchen and pantries through churches and that’s great that some demonization so still practice love for their fellow man. But do not forget about the Phelps family using religion as a way to spread hate using passages from the bible.

Throughout history religions have come and gone for one reason or another. For many, like Greek, Roman and Egyptian they were found to simply explain the unexplained, many Mediterranean and northern African they simply fizzled out. Groups like the Native Americans and Central and South American Indians they were nearly all but slaughtered and forced to convert in many cases and put in “Christian Schools”. Eventually, many were moved to reservations or protected areas. In the case of Christianity, many traditions were bored from others.  The idea of decorating homes and places of worship with holly were from Egyptians, Druids and the Romans.  Many religions like the Celtics, Druids, Romans and Greece were eventually absorbed into Christianity.  Many traditions that those other cultures practiced developed into what we see now with all the decorations, lights and later in about the 17th century came the Christmas tree.

Now, I am guessing religious texts do not cover holidays and decorations as part of the normal texts, bibles or Koran etc….. The original Christian services were held in public places for all to attend sometimes in caves because of weather or hiding from the Roman army pre – Constantine.  Now you see all these mega churches, gothic cathedrals and churches in general, why is there a need to build massive buildings to practice a religion.  I understand buildings need upkeep and they need staff to clean and run the church.  But many churches bring in a lot of money. Christianity has a lot of borrowed qualities to ease the transition from a different religion.