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Why Matilda of Flanders Was William The Conqueror’s Perfect Match

Why Matilda of Flanders Was William The Conqueror’s Perfect Match

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Succession of Scottish Kings (850 – 1100 CE)


Cináed mac Ailpín (850 – 860 CE) 

Often known as Kenneth I 
– King of the Picts
– according to national myths, was the first king of Scots
– son of Alpin king of Dal Riata


Kenneth I 

DOMNALL mac Alpin (860 – 864 CE) 

Often known as Donald I 
son of Alpin king of Dal Riata ; brother of Kenneth 1
– King of the Picts

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 5.15.57 PM

Donald I

Causantín mac Cináeda (864 – 877 CE) 

Often known as Constantine I
– son of Kenneth 1
– King of the Picts


Constantine I

Áed mac Cináeda (877 – 878 CE) 

Often known as  Áedh
– son of Kenneth I
– King of the Picts

No image preview 

Giric mac Dúngail (878 – 889 CE) 

Often known as Giric
– son of Donald I
– King of the Picts or King of Alba

No image preview 

Domnall mac Causantín (889 – 900 CE) 


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JFK Documents Open 

CNN released an article by Jeremy Diamond and Kevin Liptak about President Trump releasing many of the Kennedy files. Some of the documents will not be released as to not affect any current foreign relations and things like that.  They will not all be released at one time. The documents are to be reviewed by Historians and other experts based on national security. 

I am interested in seeing how foreign policy from the 1960’s could still affect relations today. 

Amelia Earhart Survived?! 

Photo provided by: Wikipedia

Kansas City Star published an article about a photo that has surfaced from the National Archive that could possibly be of  Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan. This could be huge! If there is photo from after they “crashed” in the Pacific Ocean who knows how much more information they could have. Or maybe it could just be one of those things the archive did not what they had until now. 

It is not very often a person from a small town in the Midwest (by New York standards) could be such an iconic figure in history. Even if it is 80 years later. Amelia Earhart in my opinion is a great role model for young women and people everywhere. She helped break gender bearers for flying as well as every industry.  Flying solo back then was a major milestone given the technology they had back then.  Planes were not loaded with the best technology. Look at planes today, planes still disappear today and many, if not all planes are connected to GPS or other satellite equipment.    

There are two leading theories about what happened to Amelia and Fred’s plane.  The more main stream theory is that the plane crashed in the Pacific Ocean and it is a matter of time before their plane is found on the bottom of the ocean with them inside or around the plane. The second leading theory is that they crash landed on some islands and were taken hostage by the Japanese in the years leading up to World War 2.  And that is  where the History Channel documentary and the new photo creates all this excitement. The possibility that they both survived even for a short time could rewrite history books.  

 The History Channel has a documentary airing Sunday July 9, 2017 at 8 pm central time. The History Channel also posted a bunch of publicity for the show.  If you are interested in the mystery tune in! If you are new to the mystery or to Amelia. Tune In! Biography.com posted a short documentary about Amelia Earhart.  There is so much information that could be written about her it would be quicker to watch the video than try to cram a bunch of biographies about her into one blog post. Biography.com

A good place for more information about Amelia visit her museum: Amelia Earhart Museum.  It is located in Atchison, Ks. It’s a fun museum. I have not been there since I was about 7-8 years old but it’s worth the trip. 

Brad Meltzer wrote a kids book about Amelia Earhart. I have not read it yet but plan on getting this for my daughter when she is old enough to enjoy story time. I think these are good books to help kids realize it does. It does not matter if you are male, female, black, white, Asian, etc…… to do great things.

Union Station Mummies of the World Exhibit 

Photo Taken from Union Station Website. Union Station Press Room

Union Station in Kansas City has a new exhibit called Mummies of the World. It is very well done. Most of the mummies are from Peru, Egypt and European Bogs. They did have a small section at the end where researchers in Maryland experimented on a cadaver to recreat the process to try and figure out the exact method.  They had the actual body that was still mummified and the tools they used.  They even had shrunken heads. Which was really cool to see! Except for maybe the victims of head shrinking.  

They had a number of computer stations that helps explain the science of how they were researching the mummies. Excluding the DNA extraction, CT scanning and other methods used to studying them.  Which is really cool. In many cases they could tell you how old they were and what may have caused their death. Most of the mummies were children or in late 30’s or early 40’s. Compared to modern times where people are living to their 60’s, 70’s and into their 100’s it is amazing how young and small people were back then. 

Unfortunately, we could not take pictures in the exhibit. Worth the visit. You can even catch the train from Amtrack and leave and never have to go outside.