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Heroes: Wayne Miner of Kansas City was possibly last American to die in World War I

Wayne Miner of Kansas City volunteered when no one else would. He may have been the last American to die in World War I.
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Kansas City Historians Will Spend Years Seeking Medals Of Valor For 1918 Soldiers Of Color

One day in September of 1918, First Lieutenant George Robb’s job was to take a French town called Sechault from the Germans who’d claimed it. At the time,
— Read on www.kcur.org/post/kansas-city-historians-will-spend-years-seeking-medals-valor-1918-soldiers-color

Hidden Room Of Thomas Jefferson’s Mansion Solves 200 Year Old Mystery

Hidden Room Of Thomas Jefferson’s Mansion Solves 200 Year Old Mystery.
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History is always changing.

Kansas Teacher Inspiring Kids to Study History

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US agency considers offering $1,000 to people who adopt wild horses

The Bureau of Land Management also made requests to sterilize, euthanize or sell for slaughter tens of thousands of animals.
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Opinion | The Historians Versus the Genealogists – The New York Times

The first look at the past and say, “This matters.” The second say, “This matters to me.” We need both perspectives.
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