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Flu Possibly Hits Men Harder

Wichita Eagle reports that men are at a higher risk of death or having worse symptoms because of testosterone.


Gun Theft In Kansas City

Kansas City Star published an article by JOE ROBERTSON on the rise of gun theft in Kansas City.  

What to do if you get pulled over with a conceal carry license

Concealed tips if you get pulled over with a conceal carry license.

Hobby Lobby Caught Smuggeling Iraqi Artifacts

CNN wrote an article and published a video about Hobby Lobby recently.  Hobby Lobby was recently caught by the department of justice smuggeling ancient Iraqi artifacts into its store and headquarters. They have to pay $3 million dollars and return the artifacts.  

Homeless College Students

Homeless College Students a Growing Concern on Campuses by Chris Ehrman brings recovering addicts, homeless and a combination of the like to the forefront. While there are resources locally in every state and federally, sometimes those resources fall short.