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Cost of War

The Guardian wrote an article, probably like many of the other news outlets about the recent attack on Syria by President Trump. Whether you agree with his actions or not it happened. I am by no means a fan of Trump but I agree with his actions that the we needed to flex or power a little bit. But……. It could have gone better and destroyed the airport so it could not be used.  I will be concerned about the fallout or retaliation by different groups and if this will lead to another costly war or even World War 3, which I do not think the country is ready for at this time.

Wikipedia claims the cost of 1 Tomahawk Missle is 1.87 Billion. If President Trump used 59 missles at that cost think of how many people you could feed or the health care that the country could pay for at that cost. Protected the country but at 59×1.87 Billion? For one attack? That money could have been used better else where and had better success.  Or just pick a better target you can destroy with fewer resources.

Missouri Conceal Carry Update

KCTV5 Posted a news update about the recent changes to Missouri conceal carry law. 

Early Election Results

Politico posted early election results broken down by state. It may not 100% up to date at any given time but at least it will provide a almost a play by play.

Gun Sale Spike

KCTV 5 in Kansas City had a report on a spike in gun sales due to the election. It is interesting how people get worried about certain politicians are trying to take away their guns so there becomes a big rush to go buy as many guns as you can.  Constitutionally, guns can not be taken away, unless there is a reason like committed a crime. As for an assault rifle ban, they may be fun to shoot but not sure how necessary they are outside of military and law infrocement. 

Transfer of Federal Lands

Field and Stream privatize federal land. Good idea or not? Pros and cons to both. Personally, I am for keeping land federal as not waste resources and keep land open for everyone to enjoy. It also allows people to fish and hunt that can not or will not buy land of their own. It is a good way to bring in revenue for the government that might other wise be lost.