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5 Little-Known Historic Mob Locations In Kansas City | KCUR

Many Kansas Citians have heard of the Union Station Massacre or the River Quay explosion — two of the more infamous episodes in KC’s mobster history. But
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Kansas Teacher Inspiring Kids to Study History

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Opinion | The Historians Versus the Genealogists – The New York Times

The first look at the past and say, “This matters.” The second say, “This matters to me.” We need both perspectives.
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Scariest Places In Missouri

Our Community published an article about scary and possibly haunted places in Missouri.  If you are brave and have the time give them a visit!

10 Scary Places in Missouri

Missouri has a number of scary places that may be worth visiting.  Many of them may not be as famous as others, it is nice that you can visit local ones.  Happy Hunting!

Boulevard Brewery

Boulevard Brewery is a Kansas City local craft beer company.  Kansas City takes pride in its bbq, sports and beer.  They offer free tours of the brewery, just get there at least 20 minutes early.  They have a paid tour that cost $20 and is more in depth.  The tours are very good.  They even have a small bar there that serves souly Boulivard Beers on tap.  You get two free samples of their beer.  So chose wisely.  

Boulevard Brewery Site