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Kansas City Historians Will Spend Years Seeking Medals Of Valor For 1918 Soldiers Of Color

One day in September of 1918, First Lieutenant George Robb’s job was to take a French town called Sechault from the Germans who’d claimed it. At the time,
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Hannibal, Mo Day 4

Today we went to Rock Cliff Mansion. (https://www.rockcliffemansion.com/). It is an historic house in Hannibal.

Originally built by John J. Cruikshank Jr., one of the logging barons in the area for himself and his second wife and their four kids.

Before John could actually build his house he had to move the existing house, that was on the property. He put logs under the existing home and hired some miles to pull the house in one piece 300 hundred feet.

Much of the house is a display of wealth and wood working. He began construction in 1900 and lasted for two years. The family only lived there until 1924 when he passed away.

His youngest daughter had moved into the house next door (the one that he had moved). She never married or had kids. The other sisters married and had kids and moved away. His second wife was 27 years younger so when he died she moved in next door with the youngest daughter. The widow took a few things from the house next door but left most of the things as they were. The house was left all but abandoned for 43 years.

During that time. Teens made it a hangout spot along with various homeless and what not. The teenagers would smoke on the porch and ended up destroying about 70% of the porch. Many teenagers broke in to steal pieces of the maps in the classroom to prove they went in. Others stole for profit. Many the original items still remain. Some were damaged from the break ins and others from time.

Eventually, the city declared it an eye sore and face the sisters an ultimatum. Fix it up or demolish it. The youngest sister called her sisters and no one wanted to spend the money on the repairs. So they chose to let it be demolished. Two weeks before it was suppose to be destroyed, three families bought the house to restore it.

When the new owners went in to see the inside I am sure they were surprised at the condition. Much of it was still in tact and there just a few things missing and damaged. I am sure they were surprised when they found out that the stained glass was done by Tiffany’s. All of the fireplaces had expensive marble around them.

They began restoring it and eventually sold it to the current owner who still operates it as a bed and breakfast and give tours.

For lunch we took the advice of gift shop attendant from the Mark Twain museum and went to a place called Jet’s Palace. (http://www.jetspalacehannibal.com/). It was very good. Even our toddler daughter likes it. She even had the egg drop soup and she does not like soup. It’s a small place. If you like Chinese stop by!

After lunch we just went back down town. We decided to stretch our legs after lunch. So we went into a few shops we hadn’t been into yet. Of course we had to stop at the chocolate store.

We decide to take our daughter back to the flower park and let her smell them again since that seemed to be one of her favorite places there.

Our daughter really likes making sounds like animals and the big trucks. Like most kids. And we have seen this trolly around town, especially the downtown area. So of course she starts making the sound like the whistle and gets excited. So we took her on a trolley ride. It was a nice site seeing trip. My wife had been to Hannibal before but never in the trolly.

Needless to say, she finally decided she wanted to nap. She likes having the window open to wave out the window and get fresh air. We think she enjoyed sitting in a seat without having a car seat.

For dinner we went back to The Brick Oven. I got the meat ravioli again. My wife like it better this time around. Our daughter was supper tired! She didn’t really eat. But wolfed down some food when we got back to the rental house.

This was our last night of vacation before we had to go back to reality. I work overnight so we left on Sunday morning so we could get back and I could do laundry and rest.

Hannibal, Mo Day 3

This morning we went to the Mark Twain Cave. (http://www.marktwaincave.com). My wife and I enjoy going on Cave tours. This was a fun Cave. Not for someone that is not good with tight spaces. Lots of good stories about Mark Twain and the books he wrote and the characters that went into the caves inspired by this one. They have another Cave on the property that was not discovered until 1929. That Cave was also featured on the discovery channel. We did not do that tour due to needing a flashlight for that tour so flashlights and toddlers could be a handful.

For Lunch we went to FatBacks BBQ in Quincy, Illinois. (https://www.fatbacksbbq.com). We decided to go to Quincy because there was not a lot left for us to do in Hannibal so we thought we would explore elsewhere. We picked bbq well because why not. It was really good. Service was lacking. People were being skipped when the food was being brought out. Other than that it was good. It was a small restaurant, it would be easy to drive by if you weren’t looking or GPSing it. I had the brisket it was really good. The baked beans were really good.

After lunch we went to a place called Going Bonkers. (https://www.goingbonkers.com/bonkers_il/pricing). It’s like a watered down Dave and Busters. It’s great for little kids that need to blow off some energy. Our 22 month old daughter loved it! She like the climbing and the slides. And! It was very cheap…… if you only wanted to do the ropes course. I think we paid $5 for our daughter and I! And it’s good cardio for the adults.

For dinner we went to a restaurant called Fiddlesticks. (https://www.fiddlestiksrestaurant.com). This place was hoping! The food was good. Highly recommended. They have a little bit of everything.

Hannibal, Mo day 2

Today we went to the Mark Twain childhood home and museum. (https://www.marktwainmuseum.org). It was a really good museum. Lots of different buildings to explore. It took us the better part of half the day. But we stopped to get some lunch. But our daughter decided she needed a two hour nap as well. So, we picked up at the museum after taking lunch home and a nap.

For lunch we stopped at the Java Jive Coffee Shop for lunch. (https://www.javajive.coffee). I had a sandwich, which was very good. Worth a visit. They have a big space so if you want coffee and to hang out and talk they have couches and games to play. They do have a bakery.

After we finished the museum, we went and got some chocolate at the chocolate factory. We needed a little snack break.

After words we went over to the Mark Twain Brewery. (http://www.marktwainbrewery.com). We sat on the roof patio and split a pretzel and cheese. I tried a beer flyt and my wife had wine.

After the brewery we went to the Cave Hollow West Winery. (http://cavehollow.westwinery.com). It was in the Mark Twain Cave Complex. The building was nice. Staff was very friendly. Wine was just so/so. The wine prices were a little expensive.

We went to Gabriella’s for dinner. It was a highly recommended Mexican restaurant. Over all it was good. They don’t have a website that I could find but you may be able to view a menu if you google it.

Hannibal, Mo day 1

While it has been awhile since I posted a travel post, it was past due. While we have been traveling, just to the same places. I figured how many times can you write about the same experiences. But here we are! Traveling to some different places!

So we took another trip with our 22 month old toddler. This time we went to Hannibal, MO. (https://www.visithannibal.com). Hannibal is best known as the birth place of Mark Twain. Author of such works as The Adventures of Huck Fin and Tom Sawyer.

We got into town a little after 1 pm on a Wednesday. This is a small town. Much smaller than Branson. Since we had time to kill before we could check in we decided to walk around downtown. A few shops were closed for good others just tell later. We walked around in some antique shops. One shop was a chocolate shop. It was very good. It was called, Chocolaterie Stam. (https://stamchocolate.com). It was a hit with toddlers.

For dinner we had Italian at a place called The Brick Oven. (https://www.classicwfl.com/customers/hannibalbrickoven/contact.php). I had the beef ravioli. It was very good. They have a kids menu with crayons. On the tables they have butcher paper for kids to color on too if they so desire. Worth trying.

More adventures in Hannibal to come!

Second Sunken Steamboat Raises Questions For Kansas City’s Arabia Museum | KCUR

Hundreds of steamboats are buried underground along the banks of the Missouri River. We just don’t know where they are. One of them, however, was recently
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