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Having a ‘work wife’ makes you better at your job

Boosting everything from general health to productivity, studies have shown that strong friendships in the workplace are key to career success.
— Read on www.kmbc.com/article/work-friends-key-to-career-success/16674045


How long to stay at a job you don’t like.

Courtney Connley wrote an article for CNBC about how long to stay at a job you hate. Courtney Connley

Signs You May Be Underpaid

Business Insider wrote an article with 15 signs you may be underpaid.

10 Jobs that are on the decline

Clark.com Listed 10 jobs that are on the decline and will probably disappear in the near future. Some of them are actually surprising.

Vacation Time

Unstuck Wrote an article about using your vacation time and how to maximize it. More and more these days companies are going to unlimited PTO.