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Vacation Time

Unstuck Wrote an article about using your vacation time and how to maximize it. More and more these days companies are going to unlimited PTO. 

Appropriation of Wealth In England

BBC wrote an article about research on whether wealth is more luck, skill or a combination.  According to the article it may be more about who you know than what you know. 

Phrases to Avoid in First 30 days on the Job

Business Insider compiled a list of phrases that they recommend people avoid in the first 30 days on the job. There may be more these tend to some of the more common ones.

Jared Wesloh’s Cover Music Video of “Castle of Glass” by Linkin Park

Jared Wesloh a friend of mine from college made a music video of Castle of Glass originally performed by Linkin Park.  Check it out. He is very talented, check him out.

Best Jobs During Recession 

Urban Survival Site posted what they thought were the best jobs to have during a recession. Many of the jobs make sense, but there are jobs that could have easily made the list like jobs in a grocery store. Some of the jobs in the list require some training or education some require hardly any at all other than on the job training.