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A Toxic Work Culture Is Forcing High-Performing People to Quit

If micro-management thrives and there is no trust in your organization, you are looking down the barrel of a toxic work culture. If you don’t believe me, use one of the many employee engagement products to find out for yourself.
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What I’ve Learned Working Minimum Wage Into My 30s

The lowest-paid workers are expected to give up having a life, do anything for the customer, and be grateful to have a job.
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Living & Coping With Shift Work Disorder | National Sleep Foundation

Shift work disorder can affect your health, as well as your performance and safety on the job.
— Read on www.sleepfoundation.org/shift-work-disorder/what-shift-work-disorder/living-coping-shift-work-disorder

Blue-collar workers are becoming scarcer in the U.S.

The U.S. is currently dealing with a very tight labor market.  And blue-collar jobs, in particular, are experiencing an acute labor shortage.
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It’s All About the Clothes. How Universities in Kansas Dress Students for Success | Kansas Public Radio

A service at the University of Kansas connects students with donated professional clothing.
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Millennials are much poorer than their parents – CBS News

Forget the “avocado toast” stereotype — young adults spend their money no differently than past generations did
— Read on www.cbsnews.com/news/millennials-are-much-poorer-than-their-parents-data-show/