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Transfer of Federal Lands

Field and Stream privatize federal land. Good idea or not? Pros and cons to both. Personally, I am for keeping land federal as not waste resources and keep land open for everyone to enjoy. It also allows people to fish and hunt that can not or will not buy land of their own. It is a good way to bring in revenue for the government that might other wise be lost.


Wild Game Back Strap Recipe

Griffins Guide posted a video for a recipe that looks good.

Heston, Kansas Shooting

A woman gave the shooter the guns to do the shooting.  Granit, I am sure most people do not just give others gone with prior knowledge of a shooting but there needs to be harsher sentencing for straw purchasing or gifting guns to people.  I know that is standard practice but it seems like it’s easier to gift a gun than transfer ownership of a car. All gun transactions should be required to go through a licensed dealer.  In a case like this a shooting could have been prevented given his past history of domestic violence.  It will not solve all shootings but it would be a start and make people more accountable for whom they are selling guns, gifting or doing a straw purchase with.  


West African Black Rhinos. Extinct?!

The West African Black Rhinos are extinct.  Or at least as far as science knows. Which, in this day and age is sad that a species could not be saved.  Poaching was a leading factor. But there areal ways other factories that help with the decline of a species such as low birth rates, economic factors and various other factors.  Some hunting outfitters in Africa charge quite a high price for a rhino.  From what I remember they I’d not go after black rhinos but some outfitters charge 60,000 just to tranquilize one and have a photo with it and charge double that to actually take it as a prize.  As long as there are conservation efforts in place to protect them that would be ok.  The problem comes down to game wardens in those areas and lack of money.  If there was more money to go around for conservation they could have been able to help them rebound.  Maybe if they would have been more cute and cuddly like a panda people might have cared more. 


Cover photo from google search 

In Pursuit of Kansas Whitetails

Movement caught my eye a hundred yards to the North as a feeding deer materialized through the tree limbs and brush. The buck raised his head and my heart skipped a beat. It was the big nine. I slowly reached for my bow as the big buck continued to feed,