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It’s Time To Worry When Colleges Erase Humanities Departments

It’s time to worry when universities start eliminating liberal arts courses from the curriculum. Many schools, especially state schools, have budget issues but gutting the curriculum in favor of adding transactional subjects is the wrong way to go. It makes all students poorer.
— Read on www.forbes.com/sites

If we start loosing our humanities it will create an education bubble. Eventually, these other programs will be in demand again and not enough people to teach them or people will make the same mistakes over and over………..


What Are Second Cousins Vs. Cousins Once Removed – Simplemost

What Are Second Cousins Vs. Cousins Once Removed – Simplemost
— Read on www.simplemost.com/difference-second-cousins-cousins-removed/

Simple chart for genealogy fans or if you can’t remember where people stand at your family reunion.

Michele Norris On The Anxiety Of White America And Her Optimism For The Future : Code Switch : NPR

Former NPR host Michele Norris talks about her story for National Geographic magazine’s issue on race. In it, Norris explores the unease of some residents of a rapidly changing Pennsylvania town.
— Read on www.npr.org/sections/codeswitch/2018/03/13/593243772/michele-norris-on-the-anxiety-of-white-america-and-her-optimism-for-the-future


The mystery of the Roman ‘gate to hell’ – CNN

2,000 years ago, animals dropped dead at a temple in the ancient city of Hierapolis. Scientists have discovered the reason why.
— Read on www.cnn.com/2018/03/09/world/mystery-gates-to-hell-hierapolis/index.html


Why boys love guns, and what to do about it – CNN

Parents wonder whether they should do something about the role toy guns play in their sons’ fantasy lives.
— Read on www.cnn.com/2018/03/07/health/boys-guns-parenting-strauss/index.html

Does this carry over to video games, movies, comic books and music that glorifies guns, death and killing?


Trump signs resolution to permit dumping mining waste into waterways – The Washington Post

The resolution, signed Feb. 16, reversed an Obama-era rule aimed at blocking coal-mining operations from dumping waste into nearby waterways.
— Read on www.washingtonpost.com/videonational/president-trump-signs-resolution-to-permit-mining-waste-dumping-in-waterways/2017/02/21/cde426aa-f84b-11e6-aa1e-5f735ee31334_video.html