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Eureka Springs, Ak during the pandemic

This was the first trip we took during the pandemic. At the time we were very hesitant simply because many places you had to quarantine after visiting. So, we had to decide if we really wanted to go. Eventually, before we went, many places were taken off the travel restrictions. So, we took a chance… this was our adventure.

My wife, daughter and I drove separate from mother in law and step father in law for a few reasons, but we won’t dive into those reasons. We meet at the Eureka Springs Brewery. Mostly, we wanted to try some beers and hangout a bit before we could check in to the hotel. The brewery had a nice outdoor area with games, a few trails and a frisbee golf course. The beer was less than memorable but the logo of Bigfoot was cool. They are a small brewery so I think they don’t have a high production capacity ability. They did not have any beer available to go, or enough to fill a growler. So, after that we went to the rental house we were staying at and just hang out the rest of the night.

The next day we went to Turpentine Creek. This was a bit different than other visits. All visitors took a tram. Mostly to protect visitors and the animals considering COVID 19. Some parts had plexiglass a few feet high for protection. It was still fun, just different. We spent the rest of the day hanging out at the pool.

Most of the trip we spent shopping in the morning and then swimming in the afternoon. There are many things to do but we went to relax. One of our regular haunts of this trip was the chocolate store. Because when you have a three year old daughter of course!

Chocolate covered marshmallows

There are many different shops there in the downtown area. Many clothing, boutique and art stores. My daughter and I both love the store called Tee Rex. The web site sells t shirts and art work. In the actual store front they sell a few t shirts, pop culture art (mostly Star Wars), and vintage toys. And no; not reproduction toys. Actual vintage toys. In box and out of box. I think I spent about $320 on three Superman figures. Because, yes, I am a huge Superman fan. While it started as comics, it is now more collectibles. Our daughter is actually a huge Star Wars fan. She loves Darth Vader, Chewbacca and anything found on Disney+. So she was in heaven with all the Star Wars stuff.

Tee Rex

There were a few restaurants we visited that we really enjoyed. One of which is Thai House. Thai food is good. But this is really good. For a seasonal community like this it’s a Diamond in the ruff. Worth the time if you want something non traditional especially, when it comes to pizza, bbq and Italian; give it a try.

Another place to try is Local Flavor Cafe. Great place for lunch. In the down town area. Most tables have a good view of the down town area. Outside and inside dinning. We went there on two separate occasions this trip.

If you were in the mood for a steak place try Rogues Manor. A nice place. The bar area has cave/cliff face outside the window. Nice view for a few drinks. Our three year old loves steak/pork chops; so who are we to say no! Lol! The steaks are amazing! The mashed potatoes have more seating than the average steak place and are amazing!

If your looking for local Arkansas beer I would recommend Brews. It’s a local coffee shop/brewery. Local coffee yes! If you like coffee. They have beers from all over Arkansas. There are not many local breweries that can probably keep up with production. I was able to buy a growler and fill it with beer from the state. So if your looking for something out side of your daily beer; for sure hit this place up.

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