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Beaver Creek, Colorado Day 7

This was our last day at Beaver Creek, Colorado. We kind of hung out and shopped down in the village in the morning. Looked in a lot of the same shops but didn’t buy anything.

They had adventure activities for kids and adults. Mostly like a trampoline, mini golf and panning for gems. There was a family with younger daughters that did it too. But they wakes away after awhile and left a lot of stones and sharks teeth in their pan. who would leave a shark teeth behind?! We helped our selves to what they left behind. We let our daughter pan for stones since she was to little for the trampoline and mini golf. She was nervous at first but she enjoyed it.

Every day we walked huh this pizza place called Blue Moose Pizza. It was closed most of the time we were there because of renovations. There was a lot of stuff they didn’t have since they were still in the process of opening. The pizza was really good. Worth the visit.

Of course we had to go play in the creek after lunch.

We decided to go back to the condo and relax after the creek. My wife was going to take a nap and parents were in their room relaxing. My wife only got sleep for maybe twenty minutes. So we decided to go down into the village and get cookies at 3:00. They bake fresh cookies every afternoon and serve them at 3:00.

Cookies with Benjamin Franklin

Picking Abraham Lincolns nose. Because why not?

For dinner we went back to the restaurant Hooked. It is a sea food place. Surprisingly it wasn’t as good this time. The food was over cooked. Even the rice balls! Who would have thought?! I had the Wago steak and it was charred on the outside and medium on the inside. For a $40 steak I expected better. It had a drizzle sauce that was really good.

Our daughter was extremely tired because she just stays so active on vacations and doesn’t sleep as much. She did not want to sit still and fall asleep like she did last time we were there. So my dad and I took turns walking outside with her. It wouldn’t have been so bad if there wasn’t a live band playing twenty yards from the front door of the restaurant. So we took turns sitting and watching the band.

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