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Beaver Creek, Colorado Day 5

This morning my dad and I went fly fishing. I figured it’s a very Colorado thing to do other than skiing or hunting. Since we weren’t there to ski or hunt…… We had our fishing license but we were doing catch and release. The company we used was Gore Creek Fly Fisherman. We were able to rent all the equipment we needed for just the half day trip.

When we went to go park the car there was a dog walking in the middle of the street. So we made a leash out of straps and walked him to a safe area.

The first spot we were at was a short walk from where we parked the guides car. The water was pretty cold and the rocks made it slippery. We did ok at the first spot. I maybe caught one fish and my dad has gotten a number of bites but they kept running off with the fly.

We hiked at least a mile up stream to change our luck. I managed to catch three more fish. My dad still had the same problem. Over all we fished for about four hours. For us it was just nice to do something outdoors and do something relaxing.

After we got back to condo we meet up with my mom and my wife and daughter. They had went swimming while the men were out catching dinner. Sort of! Catch and release of course! So since we wanted to stick with the seafood theme we went and had lunch at a place called Hooked. Our daughter has been exhausted and feel asleep during lunch. She has been sleeping well at night but she hasn’t been wanting a nap unless she crashes in her own so we just let her sleep when ever she crashes.

Since the girls all went swimming in the morning we decided to just hang out in the village. So of course our daughter loves to go over and touch the bronze statues and high five them that always adds time to every where we go. Today she brought her tickle me Elmo.

So Elmo had to join in the fun as well. At this point we had thought about doing a series on the adventures of a tickle me Elmo. But another day. When we got to the creek there was an activity camp at the creek that Beaver Creek operates so kids can be entertained while parents ski or what not.

Of course we had to play in the fountain on the way back to the condo. By the time we were done she was soaking wet. We were surprised she decided to go in because the water was really cold and the rocks well didn’t feel so good on our feet or at least mine.

My wife and I decided to have a date night tonight since we don’t get them very often and since grandma and grandpa were there to watch her. We went to the Italian place. Toscanini. Which doing this worked really well because we didn’t have to drive anywhere and we could both have a few drinks. While we were eating we saw my parents on the far side of the ice scaring ring with our daughter just watching people ice skate. They went and had gelato. We were going to order dessert but nothing jumped out at us so we ordered after dinner drinks. So after that we walked down to The Dusty Boot Saloon for dessert. We were both for sure under the influence but it was fun. When we got back our daughter had been bathed and in her pajamas.

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