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The Naked Woman Who Soaked In Hitler’s Bathtub

A young American woman soaks in Adolf Hitler’s bathtub, her muddy boots staining his bath mat. There is a colorized photo that was posted on Facebook.


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  1. Lee Miller did not speak much of her experiences during the war or the emotional impact it had on her. It was Antony who discovered her work from the war and other adventures in the attic at the Farley Farm. Antony talks about the impact of finding her negatives; he states in an article published by Telegraph, “Until then, I’d seen her as a booze-soaked, hysterical woman. I had to re-evaluate my entire attitude to her.” Antony has dedicated his life’s work to preserving his mother’s legacy as well as managing her archive. During her lifetime, Lee Miller had her work exhibited in different museums and galleries such as the iconic “Family of Man,” which was curated by Edward Steichen at the Museum of Modern Art. Since her death, Miller’s work has been collected by many different museums as well as most recently exhibited in the Imperial War Museum in London and in the Museo de Arte Moderno in Mexico City. Her work has inspired artists such as Alexander McQueen and Ann Demeulemeester.


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