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Canada Hunting Trip Day 1 and Day 2

My father in-law, his friend George and I went on a hunting trip to Onatrio, Canada. The town was called Kapuskasing in Ontario. It is a fairly good size town. We were going there to hunt wolves. The drive was 1200 miles from Kansas City.

The first day we drove to Two Harbor’s, Michigan. Most of the drive that day was really good. Tell we hit the Michigan border or at least the southern border. The roads were packed with ice and made it hard to drive safely on them. But we powered through. When we went to dinner I slipped on some ice and banged up my left arm pretty good. It was swollen and had a big gash on in. We were worried that it may bruise or get worse as the trip went on.

The second day of the trip was quite interesting. We were maybe three hours from the border and left my passport in suite case and that was in the bed of the truck. So, I pull up to the window which reminded me of a drive through window. The border agent gave me a little attitude.

Border Agent: “You didn’t know you were coming to Canada, Aye?!”

So we were off to a good start! We pulled around and parked and went inside. Took our paper work and started the process. We were told to sit down and we did. A number of people came in and left after us which started to concern us since we had been waiting for a little while. Finally, they finished our paper work, but some other lady border agent finished our paper work. She was not any more friendly than the first agent. This agent told us to bring two copies of our paper work next time. Of course as we were standing next to a copy machine! They told us to have a nice day… So we left. Never bothered to look at our rifles we brought or check for anything else in the car.

We drove for a few more hours tell we got to a decent size town. The border agent told us we could get our hunting licenses and tags at a place called Canada Tires. Which, to us was weird buying those things at a tire store. So that set us back about an hour to an hour an half.

Originally, we were planning on getting to get to the outfitter (Kap River Outfitter) between 6-7pm Canada time. We arrived about 8pm.

When we arrived we got have Sheppard’s pie. It was really good especially after the day we had.

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