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Appropriation of Wealth In England

BBC wrote an article about research on whether wealth is more luck, skill or a combination.  According to the article it may be more about who you know than what you know. 


Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in the United States

Urbo made a list of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country.

Alma Mystery.     Cold Case: Murder on Eight Mile Road

For the people that like murder mystery mixed with history you might be intrigued by this.  The murder took place just outside of Eskridge, Ks.  Did I mentioned it is a 100+ year old cold case in a small town.  Not many small towns get a crime rate or a murder or any kind of crime like the big cities do, but that’s what makes the small town cold case so interesting.  Most people grow up thinking that in small towns everyone knows each other.  Well, maybe some small towns do not as much about each other as they thought. 

This a small excerpt from publicity of the author about the book:

Greg Hoot:  By the way, for those of you who enjoy an unsolved murder mystery, I recently authored a story called Cold Case: Murder on Eight-Mile Road, which tells of the unsolved murder of Wabaunsee County farmer, William Smale in 1903. Here’s a link to the story…maybe you can solve the 114-year old cold case. https://wabaunseecomuseum.org/2017/06/05/cold-case-murder-on-eight-mile-road/

Phrases to Avoid in First 30 days on the Job

Business Insider compiled a list of phrases that they recommend people avoid in the first 30 days on the job. There may be more these tend to some of the more common ones.

Trip to Dallas 5/25/2017

My dad and I were able to get tickits to U2’s 30th anniversary tour of The Joshua Tree. We went to the concert in Dallas, Tx. Originally my wife was going to go but doctors orders kept her from traveling that late in the pregnancy. So we just made it a father son trip before the baby came. What was suppose to be just under 8 hour drive turned into about a 10 hour drive.  Unfortunately, we hit traffic just south of Oklahoma City, OK, which slowed us down quite a bit. The concert tickets said it started at 7pm by the time we got through the rush hour traffic in Dallas/Arlington area it was 4:45 by the time we got to the hotel. We got checked in and brought everything in to the hotel.  We stayed at the Blue Cyprees Hotel. It was only about 2 miles from AT&T stadium.  We figured we should leave shortly after arriving so we would not get stuck in traffic.  Shockingly, we made it there in less than 20 minutes.  So we decided to find our seats and then go find dinner at the stadium.  The tickets stated the concert would start at 7 pm but did not start tell 7:30pm.  Which is grest, it gave us time to stretch our legs and buy souvenirs. The opening act was The Louminers.  My dad and I only knew one of their songs but they were still fun to listen to. With an hour intermission we scrambled to the bathroom and to get pop corn for the main event.

The camera man standing the drummer showing the fans what U2 saw from the state.

The lead in video to elevation/beautiful day.

As part of the encore they did a tribute to influential women in history that inspired others by singing Ultraviot.

They pre recorded the salvation army band playing Red Hill Mining Town. From what I have read, this is the first tour they ever performed this song live.

The background for Bullet the Blue Sky

Lake Wabunsee Pre Lake Photo

It’s an early view of the construction of Lake Wabaunsee (in Alma County) taken by Alma, Kansas photographer Gus Meier in the late summer of 1934. In this view, looking east, one can see the lake caretaker’s house under construction with the stonework complete but the rafters and roof had yet to be built. At the right, one can see the original barracks buildings which housed workers of the Kansas Economic Relief Committee’s Transient Camp. In the foreground one can see the lake bed which has been graded smooth. When this view was taken, work on the dam had not yet begun. Close examination of the view reveals the huge stacked piles of firewood behind the barracks which workers had cut when preparing the site and which were used to heat the buildings in the complex.

Today’s photo comes to us courtesy the Kansas State Historical Society and http://www.kansasmemory.org. It is included in the Gus Meier photos donated to the KSHS in 1967 by McFarland native, Dwayne “Bud” Wertzberger after the death of his aunt Mary Meier, the Alma photographer’s wife. (1)

1. Email received June 9