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Branson, Mo Day 2, 2017


We got up early to start our day early getting to Silver Dollar City. They did away with the the World Festival and replaced it with Festival of Wonder.  They have lots of new food vendors like a grilled cheese booth, a New Mexican place, a milk shake booth and a healthier option of a salad booth. Which, that alone was a nice change if you have eat a few meals there to have some new options to try. As part of the festival, all the acts are new as well.  

Earth Harp Collective : The worlds longest playable stringed instrument. If you like the rock concert feel this is the show for you. A mix of pop/Irish/classical music. Fun for the whole family. Worth the visit or maybe even for a couple. The group is fronted by William Close.

Brian Engel: Glass Harmonica : This show was a bit of a dud. This was the first show we saw when we arrived before most of the park opened. Worth missing. The show turned into more of a lecture about how to play your standard dinning glasses and bowels as musical instruments. So the show felt more like a lecture than a show. 
Balance Wonder

Mean Murphy Rides Again: This is a Silver Dollar City main stay. They have the same theme every year; show girls, owner, sheriff and love interest. Fun family show. 

Blancing Wonder: This show was a balancing and juggling act. They balanced bowling pins, balanced on a ladder and another person. 


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