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10 Scary Places in Missouri

Missouri has a number of scary places that may be worth visiting.  Many of them may not be as famous as others, it is nice that you can visit local ones.  Happy Hunting!


Last Sea World Orca Calf Has Been Born

KMBC wrote an article about the recent Killer Whale cafe born at one of Sea Worlds locations.  This being the last one being born in captivity makes this some special.  While being able to see something like this is great for science and for visitors, keeping such big animals in small enclosures is not great. Much of the new regulations were brought on by activist and the movie Blackfish, which aired on CNN. It is a shame that possibly in my lifetime people will not get to see these animals up close. But it may be for the best they do not have to be confined to such small encloseres. 

20 Things You Didn’t Know about Hadrians Wall

War History Online wrote an article about Hadrians Wall. Hadrians Wall divides a section in the United Kingdom seperating the Roman Empire from the “barbarians”.  Take a read! Not one of the usual topics in your work history class.

Branson, Mo Day 4, 2017

After finishing with Silver Dollar City we went shopping again at the Tanger Outlet to redeem some coupons we had received from our shopping a few days earlier. After round 2 of shopping, we went to Top of the Rock. Top of the rock is a golf course owned by Bass Pro. Johnny Morris, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson and Arnold Palmer had a hand designing the golf course. This course is part of the PGA tour. And also boasts a wind cellar and multiple restsuruaunts. 

You are able to drive a golf cart on a 2.5 mile ride where you can see trees, waterfalls and a cave.  Fun time for family’s. There is a natural history museum that houses dinasour bones and Native American artifacts from the Ozarks. So it’s all local history. They also have a civil war section. It is one of the three biggest Native American collections in the world. 

You get to drive on the bridge with the cart and see the waterfall.

Inside the cave. The even have a small bar inside the cafe. The menu is limited to a handfull of items but still worth the money on a hot day. Inside the cafe it’s wet and cold. A good drive for a hot day.

My wife who was also my driver for the cave tour.

They had a small metal bridge you could walk on and reach out and put your hands in the water fall.

Pictures inside the main entrance of the golf course at Top of the Rock. The first picture is of the wine bar.

The mammoth found in the Ozarks. This is the beginning of the 

The sink whole. Use to be a cave until it collapsed.

Top of the rock was doing some renivations while we were there. A lot of it was cosmetic. They were getting ready for a tournament in a couple weeks. The area by the sink while no one seemed to know what they were building but I am sure it will be nice.

10 Results of the Biosphere 2

Ranker published an article about the Biosphere 2 project which was deemed a failure. When I visited the Biosphere when I was kid it was the coolest thing to imagine a building like that allowing us to colonize another planet.  What I did not understand at the time was all the weirdness that it was involved.  Mainly, because of the cult leader that had spear headed the whole project. Maybe had there been more science done in the actual program it may have been a success. The only good thing that came out of the original project was an intriguing answer to dying coral reefs.

Now, NASA is trying the same kind of program but on a smaller scale to get people ready to go to Mars. NASA is still in early stages of studying long term effects on humans in isolation but hopefully it gets better results.

Cost of War

The Guardian wrote an article, probably like many of the other news outlets about the recent attack on Syria by President Trump. Whether you agree with his actions or not it happened. I am by no means a fan of Trump but I agree with his actions that the we needed to flex or power a little bit. But……. It could have gone better and destroyed the airport so it could not be used.  I will be concerned about the fallout or retaliation by different groups and if this will lead to another costly war or even World War 3, which I do not think the country is ready for at this time.

Wikipedia claims the cost of 1 Tomahawk Missle is 1.87 Billion. If President Trump used 59 missles at that cost think of how many people you could feed or the health care that the country could pay for at that cost. Protected the country but at 59×1.87 Billion? For one attack? That money could have been used better else where and had better success.  Or just pick a better target you can destroy with fewer resources.