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Killer Whale Sub Species

In the wake of hearing about Sea World’s star attraction Tilikum‘s death I got the urge to read up on killer whales again.   Tilikum was made famous by the movie Blackfish witches aired on CNN.  In which a documentary team made a documentary about having an animal such as a an orca in such a small space and safety of the trainers that work with them and use to get in the pools with them.  Everyone likes to see animals up close, especially ones as big and magestic as an orca but it would be nice to see them in bigger and more natural habitats than the ones they are in at Sea World. 

Killer Whales have different sub species all around the world. Many of them are different in size and colorings. Worth reading up on. I for one use to love seeing them up close at sea world and wanted to actually pet one as a child.  

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