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8 Signs of a Parent/Child Codependency

Having a codependent parent, parents or family can be stressful and take a toll on you and your relationships. Sometimes, it is hard to recognise if you are part of the codependent relationship. Hopefully, these articles can help identify if you are or not.

We have kids, posted an article about different signs of having codependent parents/parent.

Big Elephant, wrote an article about how to identify and survive codependent family during the holidays.

Historic Churches and Shines in Kansas

Travel Kansas posted locations of historic churches and shrines in Kansas.

Flu Possibly Hits Men Harder

Wichita Eagle reports that men are at a higher risk of death or having worse symptoms because of testosterone.

Branson Trip with a Baby Day 3

TodAy was a little cloudier and a little rainy. Our daughter slept through the night again but was still very tired. We decided to go to the Tanger Outlets – Branson. I needed new clothes for myself and we wanted to look at baby stuff. We didn’t find any good baby stuff. But I did find new clothes. Our daughter slept most of the day. Everyone kept asking to see her and wanted to hold her. Which is great but kinda slowed us down.

We were going to try and go the Trail of Lights but our daughter was tired and tired of being in her car seat. So we opted to go to the Altenhof Inn. So we took it easy on our last day there.

Haunted Places in Kansas

A few haunted places in Kansas. Credited with making you believe in ghosts if you don’t already. Kansas Haunted House.

Branson Trip with Baby Day 2

On day 2 of vacationing with a baby. We started our day at Dicks 5 & 10. Lots of stuff to look at and buy. Very crowded with people and items. It is with in walking distance to Branson Landing. Lots of shopping and eating in that area. We were just trying to waste some time tell Silver Dollar City opened at 1:00 pm.

After our morning outing, we went to Silver Dollar City. This was my wife and I’s umpteenth time to Silver Dollar City but our daughter actually seemed to really enjoy it, or at least the parts she was awake to see. Surprisingly she was awake most of the day. But she did start to fall asleep after the first tree lighting at 5:30pm.

Our daughter slept the rest of the night except when we had to wake her to feed her. She was a champ all day. Did not cry or fuss the entire day. She was perfectly content being held and looking at the people and the lights.

Our daughter has actually slept through the entire night. Normally, she gets up once during the night. She must like being on vacation.