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Dark Web

Curiosity.com Posted an article about the dark web. Interesting read. 


Flawed Background Check

KSHB posted a video clip about some flaws in the background check for guns.  Improving background checks is imperative to help keep guns out of the hands of people that should not have them.  The other problem is the black market or loop holes. This is a tricky topic because at this moment there is not a good solution to keep people from illegally obtaining weapons. It would be like trying to stop all car thefts and we see how well that is going. But the biggest difference is you can not change the serial number on a gun.  Maybe make all gun transfers and straw purchase go through a background check from an authorized dealer.  As well as make it a requirement to buy a gun safe to store your guns at all times unless being used for hunting, shooting or self defense. 

Kansas Wildlife Park

Only in Your State posted an article about a Tanganyika Wildlife Center in Goddard, Kansas. Originally, it was used to breed animals for other zoos and other programs before becoming a non profit Wildlife Foundation. Boasting a collection of 300 hundred animals and multiple feeding stations throughout the park sounds like a fun day for the family.


Gene Wilder

Next Avenue wrote an article about the recent death of actor Gene Wilder. Best known for his roles in such movie as Willoe Wonka, Blazing Sadles and Young Frankstien. The articles main focus was on why he chose to keep his diagnoses a secret to his fans. In this day in age when people are tweeting, taking selfies in the name of vanity, it is rare to see a celebrity put fans before themselves. 

The rest of the article focused on why people may not feel comfortable talking about Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is a sad thing to have but hopefully by raising awareness people will help fund research and be willing to come forward to get treatment.