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Revolutionary War Museum

Smithsonian Magazine wrote an article about a new museum opening in Philadelphia next year.  From what I read, it will have lots of artifacts.  I think, the revolutionary war gets passed over a lot.  There seems to be more focus on the civil war, which is great that there is tons of interest in American history but there would not be a civil war if we did not win the revolutionary war first.  Now there have been more shows on tv about the revolutionary war, but let’s face it there may be historians helping doing research on the shows but none of the shows are 100% accurate.  But they are still fun to watch none the less. I may have to take a trip out there to see the museum when it is completed.  Maybe this will help spark interest in the subject and help introduce a new generation into the topic and to history.  Sounds like it will be really cool.

Military Enlisting Scam?

Truth-Out.org posted an article about three former veterans going to a job fair for high school seniors. Much to the dismay of many of the parents, the veterans were being completely honest with the students about their time in the military.  The article stated that at one point a parent actually asked them to leave knowing that they were veterans and not just ordinary anti war protestors.  Now, I think we should not have gone to Iraq and Afghanistan in the first place, especially under shady information from questionable sources but the anti war moment actually needed the support of first hand experience from people that have been there.  The veterans point to the students was to be careful about what they were being promised by the recruiters them selves because the recruiters have quotas to fill.  The veterans claim that yes, enlisted people do get tuition assistance but they have to serve at least eight years and serve for so long of the eight year enlist an with dropping out.  

Their main goal was to read the fine print when and if you choose to sere in the military. Make sure you understand stay are signing and signing up for before you commit. Make urge you understand what you are entitled too when you are enlisting.  Their goal is to fill the quota. Especially, with target demographics aimed at lower income areas where they may not have as many options after high school.

Presidential Election

Every presidential election as far back as I can remember there are debates about the issues. About what each candidate stands for. Sometimes the voters do not know who they will vote for. Some people miss the debates. Either way, trying to make sense of who stands for what or who promises what can make a persons had spin trying to keep all the information straight.


I did not make the websites so I can not vouch for the accuracy of them but imagine they are pretty accurate.  Hopefully these links will help clear up any questions about the candidates. 

For the Democratic Nominee. Hillary Clinton

The Republican Nominee. Donald Trump

The Independent Nominee. Gary Johnson

At the end of the day. People will have their own views on who should be president. Each candidate has their pros/cons.  I would like to see our system have a stronger third party system so we can have a true democracy. 

It is nice to see a non career politician make a run for the presidency even though he (Trump) is untested and is a wild card in terms of what he might actually do during his possible term as president. There is something to be said for someone like Hilary with her multiple positions in politics, even a stint as First Lady. Hilary is a little more battle tested when it comes to politics than her rival.  Gary Johnson has not gotten as much publicity, or at least in Kansas, than the other two candidates. Part of the problem is the country has not had strong support for any third party that has run for office. Some third parties take a number of seats in local elections, senate or the house but not enough for a strong running for the White House.  Hopefully, at some point, there will be a strong enough candidate to garner enough attention to surpass the republicans or democrats.

With the state of the economy many people are tired of career politicians, but are we ready for wild card? Maybe or maybe not. Maybe what we need is a politician with experience that is universally liked but not a dynasty or a career politicians. All I can say is vote wisely. Do not just vote to get a party out of power, look past the party. What will each person bring to the White House and how his/her policies affect me in 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years or even 25.


Durham Museum 2008

The Durham Museum in Omaha is the old Union station.  

Part of the original platform. You can actually walk up into the train. Much of the inside is refurbished.

Inside one of passenger cars.

Formal dining room in the dining car. You do not see this kind of craftsman ship in trains or many other holdings anymore.

The mock up of the general store.

A replica of a covered wagon.

My wife waiving through the covered wagon.

A teepee. It’s almost a symbol of the plains Indians, or at least in the Midwest.

Out in the grand room. This is where you enter.

The grand hall. You can see some of the other statues.  It has beautiful architecture. It is to bad they do not make buildings like this or continue to use it for Amtrack.  They do have a back room all the way at the end of the hall that they rent out for weddings and functions. It is really neat. They do have a soda fountain. They serve old time diner food and old time fountain drinks and Sunday’s and such.  It is worth the visit. But FYI, it will taste like flat pop. It was before carbonation. The old ticket booth on the left of the picture is where you buy tickets for the museum.  They also have a gift shop in there. Many of the items are train related or Omaha related. Over all Great for families and kids or your inner kid that you find in your spouse.

The Durham Museum. They do have special exhibits that rotate in and out. Make sure you check back periodically when you plan to visit to see what the special exhibit will be at the time.

Freedom Park and Navy Museum

My wife, then girlfriend. On our first mini vacation together. We visited the Freedom Park and Navy Museum in Omaha, NB. If you have kids this is a fun place to go. Admission is free, so it is affordable. You get to see naval parts even an old submarine and old canons/guns. Many of them you can touch or climb on. It even brings out your inner child as an adult.

If I remember, they give tours of the submarine at certain times. But, there were not any scheduled that day.

The view of Omaha from the park.

My wife showing off her canon skills ready to defend Omaha.

Omaha Zoo 2008

Back in 2008 my wife, then girlfriend, went to the Omaha Zoo. We stayed somewhere down town. We were only 3 miles from the zoo and it took us nearly an hour to get there from the hotel that day because the college World Series was gong on at the same time. We knew that the college World Series was going on that same weekend but we did not realize the stadium was across the street.  Now, I there was a stadium across the street from the zoo, but I thought it was for the Omaha Royals. They are now called the Omaha Storm Chasers

Deseret Dome. Right by the front entrance. 

Inside the dome. This is much better than the rainforest dome in Topeka, Ks. Which is the zoo I grew up going to when I was a kid.  

Me with the Gorilla statues. 

One of the gorillas not wanting to be seen that day.

Trying to look cool for the visitors. 

At the aquarium exhibit.

The bird area. Lots of nice flowersand fountains. I am always amazed that birds seem to enjoy being in those porches. 

The baby sea lion was born the night before in the middle of the night. Which was kind of neat to be some of the first people to see a new animal at the zoo.

The bored polar bear.

Inside the rainforest. This is a huge two leveled exhibit. It’s easy to think you are in a whole other world. One of my favorite parts of the zoo.  They even have a cafeteria where it looks into the rain forest. This is fun for kids, exept when the kids prefer to look through the window at the rainforest instead of eat.  The food is a little pricy, but that’s to be expected at a zoo. They even have a patio area that has food from Omaha steaks. Personally I have never tried that but Omaha Steaks usually has good products.

This is one of my favorite zoos that I have been too. Defenatly worth the trip. It makes for a good weekend trip of you live in the Midwest. 

Omaha Zoo link.