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Fathers Day in Topeka

For Father’s Day I drove to Topeka, Ks. Now this is not a long drive for me, it usually takes me about an hour and fifteen minutes.  Not a long drive by any means.  But with work and everything else I do not get to make the drive down there very much. But it is always nice to see family for a little while. I figured since the wife was going to see her dad, who was only a short drive away for the day I would make the drive and spend the day with the family.  Now I was born and raised in Topeka but…… I was ready to leave come freshman year of college.  It was not for personal reasons, I was just bored in Topeka.  Mainly, because I had been to Kansas City plenty of times to know that i felt like I was missing out on something.  In Topeka, let’s be honest, not much to do for s teenager after the mall closed. Yea we had movies and bowling allies and such but how often can you do that as a teenager.  Other than that there was drinking and drugs, which was not for me.  It always felt like a little big town.  Lots of stuff to do if you had money and we’re old enough to enjoy them………

Back to my point. For lunch my parents and I went to The Wheel Barrel. It is a new place in North Topeka. It is a small sandwich shop. It is not like the chain places subway, good cents or Jimmy Johns. Real sandwiches. Two pieces of bread and stuff between them. Not hoggie buns. It was was really good, I highly recommend it if you are in the area. They give you a pile of chips to go with it but there was so much in the sandwich I could not eat anymore.  I had the special of the day. They called it.. Wait for it! …… The Dadio! It has two eggs over easy, roast beef, four pieces of bacon, Swiss cheese and Gouda cheese. Defenatly worth it. 

The rest of the day we watched sports. Who would of thought two guys on Father’s Day would watch sports! We watched the Kansas City Royals win in extra innings along with the the PGA tournament. My wife was rather sad that Jordan Spieth did not win only because he is her celebrity husband.  But she will get over it. 

For dinner we went to The Oriental Express. Which is located in an old Kwick Shop gas station. For those of you who have been through Topeka in the last twenty years…You know what I am talking about. Which is strange because it is some of the best Chinese food I have had in years! I am already planning for my next few visits. It is not pretty but do not let that fool you! 

Beyond that. That was my day in my home town.  My parents took me on a driving tour of the downtown area because of all the detours.  They were showing me all the renovations they were doing to the downtown. I am happy that they are attempting to revitalize areas of town.  I wish they did it sooner. With all the new business and changes I town I feel like a visiter to Topeka. Never like o am from there. So many things are changing.  Hopefully for the better. I am hoping Topeka can attract business and sports teams in the future.   If you are in the area, give it a look….

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