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Nicaragua Throw Back Part 3

View from the top of Iglesia De La Merced. The Iglesia of Guadalupe was used as a fortress by William Walker in 1856, when the American filibuster was being driven out of the country after invading and placing himself as president a year earlier. The interior of the church features a stained glass dedication to the Virgin of Guadalupe and rows of Corinthian columns. 1


View of Catedral De Granada. Originaly built in 1583, and destroyed in the 19th century, only to be rebuilt again in the early 20th century. The interior of the church features three naves and four chapels and extensive stained glass windows. 1

Concepcion and Madera in the background.  Great place to visit. Both located in one of the largest fresh water lakes in Central America. If I remember this was on top of León Cathedral. 

León Cathedral 

The cemetary close to the churches.

Funeral Persesion

St. John of Gods Hospital. Currently, it is abandoned and they have one guard out front at all times.  Currently considered a historic landmark.  Very beautiful building.

Islands around the area.  We got to get off the boat and visit with some locals.  All the people were very friendly.  The islands we would stop on were poor.  The people were living in shanties with what looked like whatever they could find to build a house.  The island next to it may have a multimillion dollar house on it with pools and helicopter pad.  A couple of the neighboring houses had been featured in house hunters international.

The San Pablo Fort

Cathedral De Granada

This is across from the Catherdal De Granada in the square.


Local art/history museum in Leon. Very pretty on the inside.  Lots of colorful art.  

Additional information:

1. USA Today


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    awesm pics n plc, sm of the features are so similar to india’s

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