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Military Enlisting Scam?


Truth-Out.org posted an article about three former veterans going to a job fair for high school seniors. Much to the dismay of many of the parents, the veterans were being completely honest with the students about their time in the military.  The article stated that at one point a parent actually asked them to leave knowing that they were veterans and not just ordinary anti war protestors.  Now, I think we should not have gone to Iraq and Afghanistan in the first place, especially under shady information from questionable sources but the anti war moment actually needed the support of first hand experience from people that have been there.  The veterans point to the students was to be careful about what they were being promised by the recruiters them selves because the recruiters have quotas to fill.  The veterans claim that yes, enlisted people do get tuition assistance but they have to serve at least eight years and serve for so long of the eight year enlist an with dropping out.  

Their main goal was to read the fine print when and if you choose to sere in the military. Make sure you understand stay are signing and signing up for before you commit. Make urge you understand what you are entitled too when you are enlisting.  Their goal is to fill the quota. Especially, with target demographics aimed at lower income areas where they may not have as many options after high school.

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