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Durham Museum 2008


The Durham Museum in Omaha is the old Union station.  

Part of the original platform. You can actually walk up into the train. Much of the inside is refurbished.

Inside one of passenger cars.

Formal dining room in the dining car. You do not see this kind of craftsman ship in trains or many other holdings anymore.

The mock up of the general store.

A replica of a covered wagon.

My wife waiving through the covered wagon.

A teepee. It’s almost a symbol of the plains Indians, or at least in the Midwest.

Out in the grand room. This is where you enter.

The grand hall. You can see some of the other statues.  It has beautiful architecture. It is to bad they do not make buildings like this or continue to use it for Amtrack.  They do have a back room all the way at the end of the hall that they rent out for weddings and functions. It is really neat. They do have a soda fountain. They serve old time diner food and old time fountain drinks and Sunday’s and such.  It is worth the visit. But FYI, it will taste like flat pop. It was before carbonation. The old ticket booth on the left of the picture is where you buy tickets for the museum.  They also have a gift shop in there. Many of the items are train related or Omaha related. Over all Great for families and kids or your inner kid that you find in your spouse.

The Durham Museum. They do have special exhibits that rotate in and out. Make sure you check back periodically when you plan to visit to see what the special exhibit will be at the time.


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