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Omaha Zoo 2008


Back in 2008 my wife, then girlfriend, went to the Omaha Zoo. We stayed somewhere down town. We were only 3 miles from the zoo and it took us nearly an hour to get there from the hotel that day because the college World Series was gong on at the same time. We knew that the college World Series was going on that same weekend but we did not realize the stadium was across the street.  Now, I there was a stadium across the street from the zoo, but I thought it was for the Omaha Royals. They are now called the Omaha Storm Chasers

Deseret Dome. Right by the front entrance. 

Inside the dome. This is much better than the rainforest dome in Topeka, Ks. Which is the zoo I grew up going to when I was a kid.  

Me with the Gorilla statues. 

One of the gorillas not wanting to be seen that day.

Trying to look cool for the visitors. 

At the aquarium exhibit.

The bird area. Lots of nice flowersand fountains. I am always amazed that birds seem to enjoy being in those porches. 

The baby sea lion was born the night before in the middle of the night. Which was kind of neat to be some of the first people to see a new animal at the zoo.

The bored polar bear.

Inside the rainforest. This is a huge two leveled exhibit. It’s easy to think you are in a whole other world. One of my favorite parts of the zoo.  They even have a cafeteria where it looks into the rain forest. This is fun for kids, exept when the kids prefer to look through the window at the rainforest instead of eat.  The food is a little pricy, but that’s to be expected at a zoo. They even have a patio area that has food from Omaha steaks. Personally I have never tried that but Omaha Steaks usually has good products.

This is one of my favorite zoos that I have been too. Defenatly worth the trip. It makes for a good weekend trip of you live in the Midwest. 

Omaha Zoo link.


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