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Geneology DNA Testing

I provided links to a couple that I see advertised the most. This is not an endorsement of either one just what I have seen or personally used. Just compare each one for you and see what’s best for you.

There are a number of geneology DNA kits.  They all do about the same thing or the basic thing from what I can see. They break down where your DNA might be related too based on region. Some do more things and some do less. You would just have to compare them all and see what’s best for you and for hat you are looking to do. Personally, I did the Ancestry.com.

They vary in price. Some range from $80-200. Depends on a lot of factors.

Ancestry.com DNA


National Geographic Migration


  1. lisakunk says:

    I’ve given kits for gifts, plus got my father’s sister to do a test, and my grandfathers last sister too. The information is priceless since my father and grandfather on opposite sides of my family tree are deceased. Geneology is a passion and so addictive. Only problem is now blogging is filling my extra time so DNA and ancestry is on the back burner. I know when I start it, each little green leaf will keep me there at the computer til the wee hours. I’ve done both Ancestry.com and 23 & me. I like the first better for building trees. It’s all preference.

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    • Jeff Mackey says:

      I agree I can spend hours working on Ancestry and digging through books to confirm things. I have done the Ancestry.com and really like the information. I have not done the 23 and me, I was not sure if it would be beneficial or not.

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